Our Story Is Different-{3}

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Miranda's POV

"Okay Anda. If we wanna get to the party on time, you're gonna have to cooperate with me" Belle whined. I rolled my eyes but nodded.

Minutes after planning out our plan, Adam had called me asking where I was and if I was okay, being the over protective brother he is. Once I told him that I was fine, at home, with Belle and Chris, he told me about a party that he and his friends were throwing tonight at Troy's house.

I immediately denied but belle then told me that this was the perfect time and place to get a move on with our plan. I finally agreed and she hauled me to the mall to get new clothes. So far it's been 4 hours and we've found some shirts, shorts, skirts and heels. Now we were looking for a dress for the party tonight.

Chris came along and carried the heavy bags for us, which I tried many times to take from him but he wouldn't let me.

We finally found a store with some decent dresses. Belle rushed to the slutty dresses area as soon as we stepped foot in the store.

I sighed and walked over to where she already had 3 dresses hanging from her arms.

"Okay, go try these on" she threw them at me and pushed me into one of the changing rooms.

I tried the first one on. It was extremely slutty! It was gray and sparkly with a total show of my cleavage and if I bent down even just a bit, it would give anyone behind me a pantie show.

"Come out already!" Belle yelled at me from the other side of the door. I grunted and opened the door.

"OH MY GOD! Miranda you look smoking!" Belle gushed.

"I don't like it" I told her, crossing my arms over my chest when I noticed that all the guys in the store were giving me dirty flirtatious looks.

"I second that" Chris agreed with me. "Don't get me wrong, she looks good but maybe just a little too revealing"

"Yes! Thank you" I smiled at him and we turned to Belle.

"Ugh, okay okay. Go try on the other ones" I nodded and walked back into the dressing room.

The second dress was ok, but I still didn't like it. It was long and fancy, more for something like a dinner party or a school dance. Not for a High school party though.

I walked out and twirled around for them. "nope" Chris said. "Not at all for a High school party" he so gets me.

"Yeah, I kinda have to agree on that one. This last one is our only hope" Belle pushed me back into the dressing room and I put on the third and last dress.

I smiled at my reflection. I actually did really like this one. It was red and sleek. It was tight but not so tight that I couldn't breathe. It ended mid thigh and my back was exposed. It hugged my every curve and made my boobs look big as well as my butt but It still wasn't slutty.

I walked out and twirled again.

"Oh.My.Gosh! This is the one!" Belle rushed over to me and hugged me tight.

"You look beautiful" Chris complemented. I smiled at him and thanked him.

I paid for the dress and we finally headed home to get ready for the party.

We stopped at Belle's house for her to get everything she needed then we dropped Chris off at his house. He was gonna come and pick us up at 7:40. It was already 5:30.

As soon as we walked into my house, Belle grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs and into my room to get started.

2 hours later, we were both ready and looking as hot as ever. I picked out my black heels to go along with my dress and Belle was wearing a purple crop top with a short black skirt and black leather boots.

She had done my makeup and hair to perfection. We made sure we had everything until I heard the doorbell.

We grabbed our purses and walked down the stairs.

I opened the door to see

Chris on the other side looking very handsome in his dark green polo shirt, blue levis and black Vans.

"Hey, you look beautiful. You too Belle" he told us.

"Thank you" we both said in unison. "You don't look so bad yourself" I complemented and winked at him. He laughed and led us into his black jeep.

As soon as we turned into Troy's street, I could here the blaring music. When we reached the house, I could see that the party was already on full swing.

We walked out of the car and I gulped. I walked in between Chris and Belle. Right before we reached the door, I grabbed Chris's hand and intwined my fingers with his. He looked down at our hands, then at me, giving me a reassuring squeeze then we entered the house.


OMGOMGOMG! IM SO SO SO SOOOOO SORRY! a long time ago, I loved out of my account but when I was gonna log back in, I had forgotten my password. I finally remembered and here is chapter 3!!! :) I hoped you enjoyed it and I'm sorry it's kinda short because I haven't wrote In a while and ya sorryyyy...!

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