Chapter Seven

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I was pretty sure everyone had the same facial expression at that moment; confusion. I knew what they all were thinking as well. Where the hell did that snow ball come from? I didn’t exactly have an answer. I was more surprised than the rest of them. Also a little happy, because I had finally done it, and despite the circumstances, this was a big accomplishment. I’d have to tell Frost immediately.

Of course, I’d have to take care of the raging ape in front of me first.

“You’re dead, Mason!” He shouted.

Callum took a menacing step in my direction, and I matched it with a staggering step backwards, “Okay, alright, let’s not lose our heads.” I eased, shielding my body with my hands. “I am all for fighting it out, yeah, I just can’t at this exact moment. I really need to go.”

Talking sense got me nowhere as he continued to approach me.

I stumbled back, “Let’s reschedule for tomorrow, yeah?”

I ran away, pushing through the thick crowd before he could answer. People shouted out my name, calling me a chicken. I ignored it all as I burst through the front doors of the school and skipped down the steps. I didn’t stop until I reached my car in the back of the parking lot. Once I was safely nestled inside with the door locked, I decided it was safe to call Frost.

Problem was I still didn’t have the magic word to get him to appear.

“I did it.” I said flatly out loud, hoping he could somehow hear me, “I made a snow ball.”

I was fully aware of how insane I sounded. I didn’t care, I was bubbling with excitement. This meant that I was ready to get a new bead, hopefully a more exciting one. Frost had so many amazing powers that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Reading minds, being invisible, vanishing in and out of places. I was ready for them all. Bring it on, Frost.

“You aren’t ready for any of that.” Frost’s voice was cold and flat, like the rest of him. I whipped my head over to see his sitting snugly in the passenger seat, like he’d been there all along.

“What do you mean?” I asked, the joy still prominent in my tone. I grinned from ear to ear at him, “Did you see me in there? I pelted Callum’s ugly mug, right in front of everyone! It was amazing. I actually did it!”

He shook his head, staring straight forward out the window. Two girls walked past my car and glanced at me before looking back at each other and giggling. Frost scowled at them. He scowled at everything.

“You merely made one snow ball out of a fit of rage.” He informed me. My good mood was vanishing as quickly as he had appeared, “Nothing special.”

“ special?” I demanded angrily, “Frost, how can you even say that! You should be happy, I finally did it!”

“Did you really? You did it, you mastered snow?” He snapped, his fierce scowl landed on me, “Alright then, let’s see it. Do it again.”


“If you’ve done it let’s see it again. Make a snow ball. Come on, a master like you, should be easy, right? Just do it.” He spat out.


“You what?”

I hung my head, staring at my idle hands in my lap, “I can’t.”

“Exactly.” His voice was venom to my ears.

I almost felt like crying, then realized Frost would probably make fun of me and call me a baby. Then I remembered I couldn’t even think about wanting to cry, because Frost could read my mind, and he’d make fun of me for even thinking of crying. I focused everything I had onto the steering wheel in front of me. I wrapped my hands firmly around it, squeezing so tight I wouldn’t have been surprised if the skin on my knuckles tore. Frost watched my hands.

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