Odell's (P.O.V.)

so after I help my mom and Jazzy with the bags we go inside and as soon as we opened the door, the smell of Steaks and potatoes.

me-(yells) Babbbee

Miley-(comes out the kitchen smiling) why do u have to scream every time you come home?

me- because I love you so much

My mom- don't yall just love each other

Miley-(laughs and hugs momma beckham) how was the flight?

momma- good but a little to long

miley- I know the feeling

Jarvis- so you don't see your brother in law standin here

miley(runs and jumps on Jarvis) omg I missed u soooooo much, OMG JAZZZZY

her and jazzy do there hug and they plan on getting their nails done after supper tonight

miley- (hugs my dad) heyyy father in law

dad-heyy baby girl how you doin

miley-goood okay yall ready to eat because im pretty sure big boy is hungry

me-yess can we please eat..(picks miley up and carry her to the dinning room)

miley- I love you odell

me-I love you more

1hr later

miley's (P.O.V.)

mama beckham- Miley sweetheart that was an amazing meal

me-thank you

Jazzy-im glad you cooked because we all know Odell cant

Odell- I cook when I want to

me- baby ramen noodles don't count

everyone laughs and the guys go In the den and me and mama beckham are cleaning the dishes and we are just having conversation about small things

me-so how's LSU after all the good athlete's left?

mb-the school is looking good but we are looking for a volleyball coach for the girls and (winks)I know someone in mind.

me-(laughs) and who is that?

mb- O come on baby girl u got your degree in coaching u should do it

me-idk the super intendent called me and the pay is amazing I just do know I guess ill talk to odell about it and see.

mb- okay let me know tho it would be nice to see my daughter in law walk around campus again

me-okay me and Jazzy are going get our nails done wanna come?

mb- no yall go we will all have our day tomorrow yall go have sis time she has been dying to have time with you

me-(laughs and hugs mb) Okay have a goodnight and if you talk to my other father in law tell him I said heyy

mb-okay will do(laughs)

I walk out the kitchen and go to room and grab my purse and phone and walk down the hallway to get jazzy and I knock on the door and she doesn't even notice me she's giggling and laughing  on her phone and I clear my throat.

me-(clears throat) jazzy u ready

jazzy-yeah (she stands up and grabs her purse and slide in she sandals

we head out the door and I go in the den and tell Odell ill be back later

me-Bye baby

Odell- bye(kisses her) imma miss u

me-no u wont

Odell-And why wont I

Me-bye cry baby, bye guys

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