The big gift

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Chapter 25:

*Hayes POV*

I had no idea they were planing a party for me.

I loved the way that they all got together and planed it for me.

I feel so loved! My friends are the best.

I walked into the room and the boys and me talked.

"SURPRISE" all the boys screamed

"What's all this for?" I asked

"Dude it's your birthday tomorrow and this is your party!" Taylor said

"We worked really hard on it! Hope you like it" Cameron said

"No i love it! Thanks so much guys!" I said

"Did you suspect a thing?" Nash asked me

"No not at all you guys did a really good keeping this from me! Especially you Taylor!"

"Hey I can keep secrets!" Taylor said back to be with a bit of sassy ness.

"Ok what ever you want Taylor"

We all laughed about that them I opened my gifts...

Nash gave me a some shirts from west 49.

Taylor gave me every single colour of bandanas.

Cameron have me new red vans.

Cater gave me a hat with my name across it.

Matt have me gave me two sets of lime green board wheels.

Aaron gave me a football and a basketball.

Jack and Jack gave me two sets of headphones and a phone case.

Shawn gave me a $50 gift card to DQ.

Then they brought the cake out.

"Your not going to smash that in my face are you?" I asked

"No don't worry we're going to eat this cake" Taylor said

"But before we eat we have one more gift for you. It's from Bart" Cameron said

"Ok where is he?" I asked

"He's right here" Nash said

"Happy birthday Hayes! Here you go" Bart said

He handed me a gift bag I opened it......

"Oh My Gosh! Bart thank you so much!"

It was a Hayes sweater!

"Were going to be selling some Hayes merchandise and we wanted you to have the first sweater, do you like it?" Bart asked

"No I don't like it......I LOVE IT! Thank you so much!"

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