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{..................Tris's POV..................}

-Still in fear landscape flashback-

I'll tell you this for nothing, getting eaten by a shark hurts like a bitch. It felt like I had been stabbed with millions of sharp, jagged needles in every single nook and cranny that my body has to offer...all at once; it was excruciatingly painful.

Luckily for me it was over within around 10-15 seconds. Although, that was still way too long for my liking.

Turns out (as we'd come to find out later on) Uriah had injected us with the fear serum meant for the members rather than the initiates 'hell of a lot milder' one. The initiate's serum cuts out most of the actual 'physical' pain and just leaves you with the emotional torment that fear kindly gives to you. What an absolute nob head.

After gradually making our way through another 5 of Uriah's fears, we finally came to the seventh.

His fears had included things such as; Watermelon, Roller-coasters, Spiders, Eric and becoming a member of the Factionless.

If I'm being quite honest with you, those were pretty easy fears for me to get through; mostly down to the fact that I wasn't scared of them to begin with.

The funniest part of helping Uriah get over these fears (since we were determined not to give up again) had to be when I forced him to interact with the melon. When I tried to make him eat the thing, he started acting like a child refusing to eat vegetables. So in the end I tied him to a chair, took handfuls of the inside stuff and threw it at him continuously. Let's just say he wasn't happy with this and started screaming like a little girl with cleanliness OCD, but it moved us on to the next fear so who cares? He'll get over it eventually.

We were now up to his second to last fear. This one somehow seemed very different from the others; it just felt 'off' for some reason. I could sense quite a strained and morbid atmosphere as we awoke on the cold floor. I didn't like it, I didn't like it one bit.

We were stood in one half of a plain, square-shaped dark room. What I mean by 'we were standing in one half' is that there was a thick sheet of glass stretching from one wall, right to the other; slicing right through the middle of the room. Our side was left in complete darkness. The only light available came from a beaming spotlight in the roof; it was only a dim light, making this situation a whole lot creepier. It was shining directly towards the middle of the other room.

Towards four people.

One of these people was a chubby looking woman. She looked as though she was in her early forties and had beautiful olive coloured skin. Her greying dark hair was scraped neatly into a wispy bun, piled onto the top of her head and she wore minimal make-up. Her clothes consisted of an all black jump-suit partnered with black combat boots. Her face remained in one expression the whole time I was staring at her; never moving, she was just looking straight ahead at nothing in particular. I could tell by her outfit that she was a member of dauntless.

My eyes scrolled towards the tall man on her left. He also had an olive complexion, although he was quite a bit darker than she was. His darkened hair was receding but showed no sign of greying anytime soon. His eyes were sharp and awaken; they made him look slightly younger than he most probably was. Which i'm guessing was around a similar age to the woman on his right. His attire was also made up of entirely black; another dauntless member.

As my eyes scanned further left, my breath caught in my chest. Stood next to these strangers was...Zeke!

"Zeke" I shouted at him through the glass. He just continued to stare aimlessly at nothing.

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