Part 5

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"Daniel I can explain" you said walking away from taylor towards Daniel. You took a deep breath, you knew you couldn't really explain this. You where just glad he hadn't seen you both kissing earlier. "Urm, we where just talking about Hayden. I got a little upset" you tried as best as you could to make it believable. Fortunately, Daniel nodded his head. "Well next time your upset come to me, not that" he gestured towards taylor. You nodded your head nervously. "Where's Hayden?" Daniel asked. "Down there" you pointed towards the boys. Daniel smiled and started walking towards the beach. "I'm sorry taylor" you felt a tear on the edge of your eye. You turned around sharply and followed Daniel.

*Taylor's P.O.V*

I hated him. I absolutely despised him. He made me feel sick. He has some sort of sick control over y/n, and he thinks he can talk to me like that. I have to keep the peace though, for y/n and Hayden's sake. I just want my family back, if only he wasn't in the way. I'm going to get them back, I promise you that. I won't give up, not without a fight.

*Your P.O.V*

"Daniel, leave him. What are you doing?" You asked, as Daniel snatched Hayden away and walked off with him. "Daniel put him down!" You yelled. He continued to work, you got up and started running towards him. Suddenly Taylor came out of nowhere and punched Daniel around the face. You ran even faster and grabbed Hayden out of the way. "You heard her, who do you think you are?!" Taylor yelled in Daniels face. He began punching him even harder, causing blood to seep out of his nose. "Get off of me you fucking tool" Daniel yelled back. This just made taylor even worse, he punched even harder. You tightened your grip around Hayden, and started screaming for help. Dillion, Cameron and Nash ran past you, grabbing hold of taylor and pulling him off. Daniel was covered in blood, whereas all taylor had was a black eye and bloody eyebrow. "Are you just going to let him treat me like that?!" Daniel yelled walking towards you. You looked towards taylor who had his fists clenched again, his eyes where narrow and you knew he was ready to attack again. "Well?!" Daniel yelled getting closer. Hayden began to cry, he buried his face into your shoulder, sobbing loudly. Sam ran in front of you, blocking Daniel so he couldn't get to you. "Mate, just leave" he said gently pushing Daniel away. "Fine, whatever. We're over y/n, you deserve that tool. Your nothing more than a self centred money grabbing slut" Daniel yelled one last time before storming off. Tears slowly began to escape your eyes. You couldn't believe he had just called you that, how could he?! By now all the boys where standing there, there eyes wide open with shock. Taylor walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You sobbed into his chest, you knew Daniel wouldn't give up. He would be back for more.

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