I couldn't stop thinking about him.The way he smiles.His killer smiler.His sexy smirk that I adored. I couldn't help myself.I needed Klaus, But does he still think about me?

After the whole sleeping with Klaus in the forest , me and Tyler haven't been friends nor talked.I wish he would've understood me when he said he was never going to come back into my life. Doesn't eveyone makes mistakes?

Right now Stefan,Jermey,Bonnie,Matt, and I were all trying to find a way to get Elena back. Stefan and I came to the realization that for the past 2 weeks that evil bitch Katherine has literally taken over poor Elena's body.I missed Elena so much.She would've been the one to tellme what to have done in this type of conflict, where ever the hell she is...


I really don't know what type of life I'm in. I have a baby girl coming my way which I really am not prepared for.Wolf girl has feelings for my older brother Ehlijah. Marcell , the boy I called my own has betrayed me, Camille has chosen Marcell over me , does it get any worse ?If only I was in Mystic Falls, but me and Caroline made it clear that we wouldn't see each other.No one in New Orleans really understands me the way Caroline does. I remeber me and her at my house party that my mother, Esther,had organized.I remeber me and her talking for hours. I truly haven't felt anything special like this in a long time. But I think I ruined it all.

There was always something I adored about that girl, It wasn't just her beauty, but the way she made it easier to talk to her.I wonder how she feels about me...


Our plan is set, Stefan will kill Katherine with the travelers knife, and we'll finally get our Elena back.I could tell Stefan was kinda of sad that the person who kissed him was not in fact Elena, I feel bad for him that the person who he'll give up his life to in a second doesn't feel the same way anymore.

I remeber my mom telling me that if someone is willing to end there life for you, they probally love you. I wonder if Tyler would do that for me. Would he?What about Klaus?I guess I never will really know.

Sure Tyler would protect me, by then there's Klaus. One thing I learned from being with Klaus was that family always came first. He would always protect his family.  My gosh I need to get him out of my head.


As if my life couldn't have gotten better, I learned my ignorant sister had tried to kill me years ago.But were all family right?I don't have no one to soothe me.Its like everyone in my family has found a person to cherish but me.
Sometimes I wondered if years of tormenting people was really worth it. If people weren't so scared of me  then My life would be so much different. But I liked power. Only thing was people never gave me a chance.
When will the time come?  I realized that I was starting to get angry.

I need something to kill , something to feed on, I hated feeling left out, My father was right, I'm a Monster, I should not be in this pworld. There's really no one in this world that can make me comfortable but one.

I must see her.I have too. She's all I think about besides my unborn daughter, I need her to tell me everything is okay, I need her to say I'm not a bad person, But most of all I need her to say she loves me.I must find Caroline Forbes.


So Elena should be up any day now, we found out that Katherine had to be the crazy bitch she always was ( or is I don't know) and make Elena feed on vampires just like Damond. Oh god, she would have another common thing with him.Its already bad that she's dating her ex boyfriends' brother now this?God help me here.

As for me, my love life had been sinking.I feel like when Klaus offered me to travel around the world with him, I should've taken it , I mean what girl doesn't what to travel around the world? Imagine the places I could've gone to. Oh god why did I let myself distant myselelf from him? Why did I miss him so much?

I was not supposed to miss a killer, but what many people didn't realize was that he had a soft side too.If only I could see him once more to see if I really did like him.

Okay today has officaly been one of the longest days ever .

Little had I knew that the night had only began.

As I showered and came out of the bathroom, I saw something lying on my bed. A rose. From who? Was it Tyler?Matt?orStefan? Oh well I'm to tired anyways to now who did.

"Not even going to say hi my dear" said a voice.No it couldnt be, after all we said we weren't going to see each other again.I turned around and saw him.


" You look suprised"

I didn't really know if this was real or not. I kept asking myself if it was real or not.Deep down I knew the answer, but I didn't want to risk it.So I did the only thing that was on my mind. I went close to Klaus, feet away from him.And slapped him.

"What the heck Caroline"

"Sorry I didn't know if you were real or not"

"You could have have kissed me instead of smaking me?"

"Okay what the hell are you doing here"

"Well I was walking from here to New Orleans and was just looking at the sky and then I had b-"

"Save it Klaus, Were you here to see me?"

"No I was just walking around..."


"Am I really"

"Yes really"

"So are you going to kiss me or......"

I came close to Klaus he asked me if I would kiss him.He was waiting for me to make a move so I did.

"Bust a move Klaus"

"Very Well Then Love"


I got a text from Ehlijah that read:

Were R U?

I replied back to say:

Claiming the women I love

And turned off my phone.I was going to get Caroiline Forbes to love me.


I cannot believe Klaus, coming into my house late at night. Aw,how sweet was that.What the heck am I saying, that was wrong for him to just show up, but it was kind of good to slap someone too.I don't know why, but for the first time in weeks I was beginning to feel happy.


As soon as I wake up I only thought about one person.Where is Klaus? I didn't want to believe that after all the things that's going on in my life, Klaus is the one that pops into my head.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook, I noticed a photo of Tyler dry humping on some basic bitch. I grimaced and threw my phone

Bye Tyler.
Hello Klaus.

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