Chapter 12~

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I clearly looked as I saw justin smirking staring at the towel probably wondering when I'm gonna remove that thing ! PERV !

Me: how did u get in here?

I asked raising my eyebrow

Justin: well clearly , the house's keys is probably every room, my jaw dropped ! Seriously ?he laughed as he pushed me on the bed , he crawled on top of me, leaned in and kissed my wet lips !

Me: justin....can....I .... Get .....dressed

I said between the kisses, he shook his head while STILL kissing me he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance I opened my mouth as he slid his tongue into mine ! We sat there making out for like 4 minutes ! He moved his hand from my face to my towel , I stopped him

Me: justin I'm sorry but its like only the second day were dating

Justin: *smile* sorry, I was just carried away..

Me: its fine *laughing* now let me get dressed so we could go

He went outside so I could get dressed! After few minutes I was done, I went dowstairs to find justin watching TV , he realised I was there because he closed and stood up

Justin: ready?

I nodded and smiled, we hopped in his car and we went to a restaurant !

*next day*

I woke up, and did all my morning rituals! Its time for my morning jog , I went and jogged then a stopped for coffee

Me: ill take a de-caf frapposino

Cashier: that would be 5$ please

I took out the money and payed ! I waited for my drink, TRING its ready ! I went and took it

Worker: excuse me ? Ur YN right ?

I nodded !

Worker: this is for u !

She handed me a piece of paper !

Me: um.. Thank u

I said unsure of what I need to say ! I took my drink and paper and went and sat at one of the table!

' Goodmorning beautiful, suprised huh? Hahaa well I have a suprise for u! And I need u to follow my steps to get to it ! See u soon, I love u '

Me: *wisper* love justin

Aww he is so sweet , I smiled at that thought , and stood up and kept on walking till I found another note stuck on a pole, I laughed and grabbed it

' Ur on the right track sweety, continue!


I kept on walking till a woman stopped me !

Woman: YN? This is for u

She handed me a rose with another note, I smiled as I thanked her , I smelled the rose as I opened the other note

' Its beautiful right ? Well its just like u my darling ! Continue , don't stop


Aww he is so sweet ! I continued, I looked at a shoes store's glass and well there is AnOTHeR NOTE

' Don't worry its almost done there is only one more but before enter and tell them your name :) -justin'

I entered and went to the cashier

Me: hi, my boyfriend told me that I have something , my name is YN *smile*

Cashier: oh right YN !

She came out of her desk and handed me purple supras ! How did he know I like those ? *.*

Cashier: thank u , shop here again *smile*

He payed for all of these ? GOD !

I went few more feet to read text that says 'enter inside the mall' I did as I was told and entred the shop that had the dress I couldn't afford !

Worker: mrs.YN?

Me: yes ?

Worker: try this on please

She handed me the EXACT dress I wanted , I looked at her and had a confusion look on my face she just laughed, I went and put it on didn't know why though! When I was done , I went out to find the store was empty with the doors and cutains CLOSED , the final note was taped on the door!

' Turn around !'

I turned as slow music started with special lightning, tears were streaming down my face, happy tears as justin came out of the 'mysterious' shadow with awesome pants and a shirt that he looked totally HOT in them !He held me tight as our forehead touched, I smiled as tears stopped , he removed them with his hand! And I just hugged his neck as we danced together, it was an amazing time! He is amazing ! I've never felt inlove and I've heard people say love is stupid but seriously ? They don't understand ! They r stupiddd !

Justin: do u like it ?

I shook my head

Me: I LOVE it, thank u , its amazing nobody's has ever done this mu-

He cut me off with smashing his lips into mine! After few minutes of romance ! Everything stopped ! I went to take off my dress, I handed it to the one that works there!

Worker: oh no that's yours !

I looked at justin as he was smiling and he winked at me !

Me: justin! Its a thousand dollars !

Justin: well for me its like 1$ so please accept it

I hugged justin and kissed him!


Justin: no problem princess

*1 week later*

The auditions were today , I can't wait! I woke up to my phone vibrating , I grabbed it from beside my bed ! It was from justin

'Goodmorning beautiful, want me to go with u to the audition?'

I smiled at the text , whats more romantic then a goodmorning text from ur love ? Hehe but honestly I'm gonna kill him! I was having a deep sleep! So I took a quick shower , and went downstairs to find mom sitting on the couch watching TV

Me: hey mom, don't u have work today?

Mom: I took a break !

Me: good , so I'm gonna do lunch today before I go to my auditions *smile*

She nodded

I went in the kitchen and grabbed the speguetti pack cz honestly ? That was only the only thing I can cook ! it was 12 am ! It took 1 hour to get fully done ! I prepared the table and placed the food on the table!


My mom came in followed by a laughter !


Im gonna start posting everyday one chapter.. Wohoo

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