Chapter 2

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I was running down an endless hallway to a door I thought I would never reach. I was sad and scared, I know in horror movies they tell you to NEVER look back, but I had to, I had to see if he was still chasing me. I quickly looked back, he was there the gun still pointed at my head as I ran. “You can't run forever Katy.” he said to me as I was running as fast as my legs could carry me. BAM BAM!!!! He shot twice, luckily for me he missed both times. The door was finally getting closer I reached my had out hoping to grab the handle soon. Finally I grabbed the handle but when I opened it there was nothing there but a brick wall. “NO NO NO, I CAN'T DIE YET, PLEASE NO, PLEASE.” I was hitting the brick wall knowing nothing was going to happen. I slowly turn around.

Alex, please tell what I did wrong, I promise I will do better, just please don't hurt me.”

Oh dear, dear Katy, I not going to kill you for something you did, I'm doing it because I hate you. You waste all my money, how selfish of you.”

Alex looked at me with an evil smile, 'BAM BAM' this time he didn't miss. It was an instant pain in my stomach.

My eyes quickly opened, I was breathing very heavy. I then realized I just had a nightmare and I was ok. I quickly unplugged my phone and looked at he time.

3:00 am

The shuttle bus got here at 5. I would have gone back to sleep but there was no way I was going back to sleep now. I got up and stretched and went to the bathroom and took a nice long warm shower. When I got out it was 4 so I quickly got dressed and put my hair in a cute braid then applied a little bit of mascara. I checked the time again


I still have half an hour before the bus gets here. I grab my stuff and head down to the dinning area to get some food. I got 2 strips of bacon some eggs, hash browns and some milk and started eating.

Ring ring

My phone started ringing so I quickly grabbed it and saw that it was just a notification.

1 new message

I quickly looked at who the message was from.


Fear instantly went through my body.

Should I open it? Does he know where I am? Does he know where I'm going? If not will he find me?

I decided to open it.

' So you think you can get away from me do you? Well look here Katy, I WILL FIND YOU, AND WHEN I DO YOU WILL WISH THAT YOU WOULD HAVE LET ME KILL YOU WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE.'

I dropped my phone. I haft to get out of here NOW. I looked at the time.

5 o'clock

I looked out the glass doors the bus finally arrived. I quickly grabbed my things and walked out side and got on the bus. The bus ride was only a 10 minute ride. I got out of the bus at the airport and quickly checked the next flight to California.

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