the walking dead game season 2 Episode 4 predictions [Sarita fate]

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Hey Guys

So I just want to apologize for not being able to write a prediction for a long time and also i guess I will say all my decisions if you want to share your decisions put it in the comments section and thanks for those who voted because I was going to stop doing this so thank you for voting at least I know someone is reading these. Here are my decisions for you

did you help Sarah with here work-yes

did you tell bonnie about luke-no

did you admit to stealing the walkie talkie-no

did you watch Kenny kill carver-yes

did you chop of saritas arm-no

but that is what my prediction is about saritas fate. I think sarita will die no matter what you do. if you do cut of saritas arm since there was no belt or something to apply pressure she will probably just die of blood loss. If you keep her arm off she will die with the bite. well that is basically it have a good day if you have a theory private message or comment it in the comment section me. Please vote onmy story. Also if you want me to make a wolf among us predictions just tell me and I might. have a great day. the Wolf Among Us Episode 4 comes out 5/27/14. Have a wonderful day.

Bye Guys.

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