(Prologue) Into Deep (Forbidden Love) (girlxgirl)

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As far as I could remember I wanted to stray from having anything to do with love. I've had some pretty messed up situations and the women I've encountered had anything to do with them..you could say I was emotionally, physically and mentally damaged.

I escaped my woes whenever I thought I made some friends over the years you could literally say I was quite the sociable type, hiding behind my infectious smile with dimples and with my laughter.

I wanted to just seclude my heart from being damaged from all the crap I went through. I dated quite a few women and almost had been married but that didn't work to my favor. That's when I finally got the love I seemed for so long.

I am in a firm believer of this has to do with how you treat others is what you get back. Karma has a way of coming around to those who hurt innocent ones who don't deserve it and helpful to an extent of a degree of measurement.

I hope you all come to enjoy this book, I might turn it into a full fledge book to purchase once I have it the way I'd prefer.

Happy Reading :)

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