Chapter One

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Mom read the advertisement she had found on the Autumn Springs Website out loud,” I will be accepting exactly seventy-five girls to come to my summer camp and I shall test them throughout the time we train together. I will choose five girls at the end of the camp to compete on my riding team in shows, nationals, and perhaps regional’s. Please email me at to apply with a video of the rider and horse going through a jumping course, a few brief dressage moves, and a cross county course. Also send pictures of the horses body, such as the legs, and a description of the rider and animal sent from their equine instructor. Good Luck and I wish you well! Mrs. Alice.”

I blinked, thinking for a moment, them exclaimed, “Can I apply with Lunar?” As I spoke, I yanked out my IPhone4 and began texting my friends Hailey and Monica, who replied almost as soon as I had finished sending the message.

Me: Guess what!!!!!!

Hailey: What!!!!????

Monica: Yeah, what is it?

Me: I might be competing in nationals!!!!

Hailey: YAYYYYY!!!!

Monica: That’s gr8!

I shoved my phone back into my baby blue jackets pocket and turned back to Mom, who offered a smile before concluding, “Or?” or what? I wondered.

“Huh?” I asked at last, and my Mom smiled and told me, “How about a new horse?”

“Really!?” I squealed, knowing I sounded like a little kid again.

Mom laughed and brushed a piece of her pretty light golden-brown hair from her blue eyes, “Yes, really!”

“Oooh, I’m so excited!” I called over my shoulder as I sped up the stairs and flew into my bedroom, shutting the door with a bang behind me. I opened my mini laptop(PINK!!!) and opened up Bing. As soon as it loaded, I typed ‘Horses for sale’. Several different links popped up, and I pressed the first one ( Multiple different horses were for sale, Including all breeds, sizes and colors. I pressed the first horse and a picture of a pretty black mare Arabian purebred came up. It read that her name was Belle and she was sixteen years old. Nope. To old for me. The next horse was a blue-roan gelding who didn’t have a name. He was five years old and pretty, in my mind. I scribbled down the owners phone number and address, then moved to the next horse, a bay paint mare who was six. Her name was Shimmer, and she looked kind. I scribbled her owners info down as well, and for the next hour, I scrolled through horse after horse, only writing down two more horses information and contact stuff.

After scrolling through horses for hours I was really relieved when Mom yelled up the stairs that it was time Dinner. I scrambled downstairs and into the Dining Room, flashing my siblings Courtney and Meg a smile as I sat down.

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