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I woke up so tired that I couldn't even open my eyes. The reason for that was because I couldn't sleep last night. Constantly tossing and turning and feeling nervous about the party. I have this bad instinct about it but I'm trying very hard to push it away.
I think I'm just over thinking as always and I'm going to the party as Fahad's girlfriend so maybe that's why I've got butterflies in my stomach.

I got out of bed and checked the time. It was 7:45 and there was a message from Fahad which was sent 10 minutes ago and that made me smile instantly. I checked it

Good morning babe 😘
hope you're awake cause I want to pick you up so we can go school together x -F

Oh yeah! I forgot Fahad works in my school as a PE teacher. I've got to get used to that for 2 weeks but I hope he chose to be a PE teacher at Plashet as an intern because of me not because of other girls. Boys..
That thought made me sigh.

Good morning! xx
What time are you gonna pick me up? -Z

As I sent this, I made my way to the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom, I got an instant reply.

At 8:15 -F

Ok I have to hurry up. I've only got minutes left until he'll be in his car waiting for me. It'll be the most difficult think ever. What about my makeup?!

As much as I want to talk to you, if you want me in your car in 30 minutes then stop talking to me :P x -Z

Haha ok, you're beautiful -F

Is that meant to be a bye or...? -Z

Ugh! Multitasking is soo hard when your doing two things you love at the same time under a time limit; makeup & talking to boyfriend.

That's a bye -F

Aww! Byee xx -Z

After I finished getting ready and ate an apple, I got out of the house at exactly 8:15 and Fahad's white BMW was in front of the house. I got in as fast as I could and Fahad pecked my lips.

"How did you sleep last night?" Fahad asked as I did my seatbelt. Shall I tell him the truth? He then started driving to school.
"It was fine" I lied. I don't want him to be stressed and eventually make him not go to his own party as he was one of the main reasons why the party was held.
"Glad to hear" he said nodding
"How about you?" I asked him curiously
"I slept fine because I was dreaming of you" que the red cheeks. He smiled at me
"Really? What was I doing?" We were at the school parking lot at this stage and because Fahad was an intern, he was allowed to use the teacher parking.

Once he parked, he looked at me not moving.
"You were in your bedroom" he said inching slightly closer which didn't go unnoticed by me.
"I surprised you from behind" he came closer
"You looked back at me pouting because I scared you" he huskily said inching much closer and instinctively I did the same
"And?" I squeaked
"I did this" he voice was so lustful. At this point I could smell his minty breath. He leaned in closer and pressed him warm loving lips to my own. I felt the butterflies in my tummy going wild and the feeling of anxiety I had from last night was vanished. This guy has this effect on me and I hope I do the same to him too.

After we both were out of breath and I was panting unlike Fahad, we pulled away.
"Did you like my dream?" He said smirking and I rolled my eyes. I decided to tease him and got out of the car leaving him unanswered. As I was about close the passenger seat door I said
"I'll tell you the answer some other time" I winked at him and stuck my tongue out. "Bye Fahad" I said smirking this time and waved at him. I started walking to my form class.

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