chapter 1

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Michael POV*thoughts*

I saw her on the street and someone that beautiful shouldn't be on the street and be all dirty she look like she is 18 i guess she been on the street for a while because it looked like her hair has grown quit awile its pass her but not that I was looking or nothing.She has beautiful eyes in lok at them and want to kiss her but I cant cause I just met her.I can tell thats she so beautiful and I bet shes smart. I hear the water water shut off.And brought him. back to reality.

Emma yelled,"Michael is my clothes in there"

I yelled"yes"

Emma said"im coming to get it

When she tried to come I the room her towel got stuck in the door and fell off Michael couldn't stop looking and she said"what are you looking at" she looked down atbher body and looked for the towel it was stuck Michael came from behind and tried to help until his pants stabbed her in the back she turned and felt his rock hard in her back.Emma turned around pushed Michael on the bed and said"I owe you" she smiled and walked to the door and locked and then walked back.She jumped on the bed and riped my shirt off and kiss down my chest and my boner got bigger and she pulled down my pants and I was just looking at her perfect boobs and I wanted to touch but something was holding me back she riped off my boxers and I finally felt free.She touched my 12.7 inch and I shivered with pleasure I know she saw me and continued she started to suck and griped and I started moaning "Emma emmmmm aaaa damn babygirl" I said like a fool.Emma said"you like that dont you"alll I could say is "mmmhmm"she said "I want to ride" so she jumped on my cock and rode me and she knew I was close so she got off and waited and I came.

She said"that was me saying thank you for helping me off the street" I pulled her face to look in my eyes and I kissed so passionately and said you didnt have to .

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