Chapter Seven - Secrets

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We had a hard time waking Louis up because he liked twilight so much that he decided to stay up all night and watch all of the movies. Not even the smell of pancakes right under his nose could wake him up. We decided to just let him sleep. Since the weather was soo nice we all went to the back yard and started messing around. Rachel and I watched the boys play an extreme version of tag. Instead of tagging ,they were tackling each other. It looked hilarious when Harry chased Liam all around the yard and when he was near him he tried to jump at him and tackle him to the ground but Liam stepped aside and Harry went flying into the bushes. We all started laughing and Harry was just there trying to get out. Then Louis appeared in the back door.

" Hey everyone " he said his voice sleepy. We all greeted him and Rachel went back in and got a plate of pancakes for him. He sat by the garden table and ate his pancakes. The boys continued to play tag and Rachel and I watched them laughing from time to time. When Louis finished his pancakes he went upstairs to change. The boys stopped playing and came to sit next to us. Then Louis came back fully dressed.

"You know what I was thinking?" he asked

" Do we look like we can read minds? "Rach asked jokingly.

"ha ha funny, but seriously i was thinking that sice we have a day off today and its such a good day we should go to the beach

" He told us. Everyone cheered at the thought of going to the beach. All but me. I haven't been to the beach since the day Jake took me . And I couldn't go now. Beach meant bikini and bikini was out of the question for me. If i wore a bikini my secret would be out. A secret that only Rach knows about.

" yeaaah we should go!!!"Rachel yelled. I glared at her and she understood immediately.

"Well maybe its not such a good idea" She changed her mind.

" why not?" Niall asked

"Its a perfect beach day " Zayn said

"Can't we do something else instead? Maggie isn't a big fan of the beach" Rachel explained. All the boys looked at me.

"Come on, Its gonna be fun" Zayn said "Do it for me"he pleaded pouting. I nodded not being able to resist him.

"Great "they all yelled happily. I sighed.

"Can we go home and change? " Rach asked.

"yeah I'll take you" Harry offered. We took our bags and drove to our apartment. When we were inside I started to freak out.

"What am I going to do? "I asked Rachel.

"They can't see my scars! Rach they can't see me! " I panicked. Rachel gave me a hug.

"Just wear long sleeves and say you forgot your bikini" she advised me. I calmed down a little.

When I came out of my bedroom Rach was already changed  waiting for me in the hallway. I gave her a weak smile and she took my hand as we walked out.

"Its gonna be ok don't worry babycakes" she tried to cheer me up. We walked down to Harry's car and he drove us back to their house. When we got there the boys were ready. They got into the car and we drove to the beach. When we got there we set our towels down and everyone but me striped to their swim wear and ran to the water. I sat on my towel and watched them play around in the ocean. I felt left out and alone but I didn't want to show it so I took out my phone and started to scroll through my twitter.


**Zayn's P.O.V**


I was messing around with Lou trying to make him trip in the water when I noticed Maggie sitting alone on her towel. Why wasn't she in the water like the rest of us? I wondered. I left Louis and walked over to her. She looked up from her phone and smiled at me shyly

"Why are you sitting here alone? " I asked sitting next to her. She shrugged.

"Don't you like water?" I questioned. She shook her head.

"Why not ?" She just looked down.

"Its ok you don't have to tell me I just don't want you to be here alone" I smiled. She looked up at me and smiled back.Her smile is soo beautiful

"So aren't you too warm in these clothes? Why didn't you wear a tank top instead ? " I wanted to know. She was wearing a long sleeved shirt and it was soo warm today she must have been roasting .

"No I'm fine" she simply answered. I decided to change the subject.

"So what are you up to?" She looked at her phone.

"Twitter" she showed me.

"So how many followers have you?"I asked trying to make a conversation.

"Umm 189" She said frowning.

"Only?" I teased bumping my shoulder into her.

 "yeah I'm not very famous" she said.

"Well let me change that" I said and took out my phone. I opened my twitter app.

"Whats your Twitter?" She gave me her twitter name.

"Thanks" I said, followed her and typed quick message to my fans

[ Hey everyone!! Go follow @Maggie290495 she is a beautiful and very nice girl she deserves a lot of follows!! Love you all ] and tweeted it. Few seconds later I've heard Maggie's phone. She looked at her twitter and gasped. I smiled because I knew exactly why she gasped. She looked at me wide eyed.

"How did you do it? " she asked looking at me wide eyed. She looked adorable.

"I just asked my fans to follow you that's all " I smiled.

"But why would you do that?" she asked still surprised.

" Because you deserve it " I told her standing up. She placed her phone into her bag and looked at the water.

"Wanna go for a walk?"I asked reaching for her hand. She nodded and I helped her up. We walked down the beach talking. She really is an amazing girl. She is so kind and gentle and of course so beautiful. We were walking around for a long time. I found out a lot about her family and her hobbies. I found out that she draws and we talked about that for a very long time and I promised to show her some of my drawings. I started to really fall for her. She is just perfect. I reached for her hand and took it in mine she looked down at our hands and gently pulled hers away. Maybe she doesn't like me the way I like her. We walked back to the towels where the others were waiting for us. We all changed, packed our stuff and drove back. We dropped the girls at their apartment and drove home. All the way home I couldn't stop thinking about Maggie I was wondering why she didn't want to go into the water. Maybe she can't swim. But neither can I but its still fun as long as you stay in the shallow.We arrived home and I went straight to my room. I took a quick shower and went to bed. I fell asleep thinking about Maggie's beautiful face.

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