He proved it...

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"Well, she said you guys have been her favorite band since she was 9 until she was 13 when she found out about O2L." "So, you want us to sing this song? Or 'One Last Dance'?"



"So, what time does magcon start?" "Around 4 so you'll ride with us. Shawn and Jacob said they would come pick us up right after school."

Me and Maddy were walking to choir. "I will be fangirling the whole time, you know that right?" "Yeah well, they're used to it. When we had a meet and greet in Alabama I was annoying them! Big time!"

"I'm sure I'll be WAY WORSE!" we both just laughed and walked into the choir room.

Everybody started clapping. "Why are you all clapping?" Mrs. Warrden came up to me and Maddy. "Congratulations!" "Congratulations?! Wha...?! I am the most confused person in the world right now."

"Savannah, your dad came in earlier today." "Uh-oh." "I promise you! It's not bad or embarassing! You, are now officially a DJ!" "Seriously?!"

It's been my dream to be a professional DJ ever since I was 9! "And, Mahogany Lox came in to! She said that you will DJ magcon today."

I just screamed and me and Maddy were literally jumping! "And Madison, you won't be able to DJ with Savannah. But! You will be on stage with everyone else!"

She was screaming and crying at the same time. "Since you are going to magcon, we want you to sing the three Jack and Jack songs(I know, it's kinda wierd. But I like to use my imagination! So don't judge me!)."

We started to sing paradise. "Some people la about the dollar bill, it's quite a shame cuz that ain't really how you oughta feel. It's all the same every day how you gotta deal. But in time it is gonna heal eh,"

"We never change for anybody that would just be insane, light a flame, rock it back and forth let me take you away, with my words, heard, someone kicked it to the curb keep your head held high like you cheap in on the urbs."

"It's observe the way the dolla bill rules life, two types, of people on this earth who is right. One sides, controlled by material things. I'll just live for experience and everything it brings."

"I'm the king of the ladda, sing about what matters at the ball park with my friends swing batta batta, it's another summer day watch the sun fade away, all I gotta say," "Is well never change."

(Sorry I was getting a little of topic. lolz.) We finished that song then we sang Flights and Distance.

Choir was the last hour of school. When we finished singing all three songs we sang Buckwild( the BEST song ever!).

"Savannah, Maddy, Alyssa and Emma you are to go to the office. Jacob and Shawn are here to pick you up."

Maddy was basically screaming all the way there. You should've seen her when she saw Shawn in the doorway!

"Oh My God! It's really them!" "Did you really, think I would lie to you?!" "Well I just wasn't sure so..."

When we got in the car, someone I wished I would never see again was sitting on the side facing the road. "Dylon, what are you doing here?" I said in a rudely disgusted voice.

"I just wanna say, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, and..." "I said, you'll have to prove it if you want me to believe it."

"Well, and I'm gonna be doing magcon with you guys." I sighed. "Just, stay, away from the DJ booth. Because I'm gonna DJ tonight."

There was an awkward silence but Jacob and Shawn ruined it. "Sophomore drama," "I remember it like it was yesterday." "Shawn, for you it was, just yesterday..."

We all laughed except for me and Dylon.

When we got there, Maddy, was hysterical! She fainted twice, when she found out she was sharing a hotel room with Hayes, she fell on the bed and screamed and cried!

She kept us all laughing the whole time!


"Alright guys, some of you might not know them, and some of you might have gone to a concert or 2, but we have five special guests for you all."

"Normally me, Jacob or Willie would sing. But this time, singing their saddest song ever, we have R5!"

Everyone was screaming and I was very shocked! I had so many questions I've wanted to ask them since I was 9!

"Hey guys! Were gonna sing our song 'One Last Dance' because someone we met the other day said that his crush/bestfriend didn't believe him, when he told her that he really did love her."

Ross was looking at me the whole time.

"Tear drops in your hazel eyes, can't believe I made you cry. Feels so long, since we've went wrong but you're still on my mind."

I started to tear up a little. I looked over and saw Dylon staring at me so I gestured for him to come over by me.

"You're lucky I didn't wear mascara today Vance." we both laughed. In class our home room teacher called everyone by their last names so everyone else did that to.

"Well Robertson, you said to prove it. I couldn't find a way to so I figured that your childhood favorite band would know what to do."

I gave him a big hug. "I'm sorry! I really am!" "Me to," "But, we can't see each other in the way we used to. I'm still dating Clay." "I know. I wanna start new. lets be friends." "Friends. We can start new now."

"Hi, I'm Savannah Robertson. I just became a DJ and that's my main hobby." "Hi Savannah, I'm Dylon Vance. I play football and that's my hobby."

"Just one song, then I'll move on. I just need one last dance, with you." That was always the saddest part in the whole song to me.

After the song was over all of them except Dylon went back onstage. Ross and Rydel came up to us. "So are you guys okay now?" "Savannah, I understand how you feel, so I can help you get through anything."

"Actually Rydel, I don't need your help at the moment, were starting new." "As friends."

"Hey DJ! Where da music?!" I ran back over to the stand and of course I played Happy.


"That was so fun!" "So how was your first time actually DJing?" "Not on my phone or my dads basemeant, I'd have to say it was awesome!"

"And, I know it's wierd for me not to know but, how do you know what to play, when to play?!" "Well my dad told me that, a true magician never reveals any secrets."

"Hey! Remember what Kian said? Never say never! If he were here, he would be very disappointed in you!" it wasn't anyone I could see that said that but the voice was familiar.

I turned around to see Clay. "Clay! When and how did you get here?!" "A bus because you all deserted me! Oh yeah, thanks for waiting Shawn!" he said in a sarcastic voice.

"I didn't know you were coming!" he just rolled his eyes. "Whatever." we all laughed.

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