Mornings with Ashton

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You rub your eyes and see Ashton on the floor snuggling up to a blanket. He thought it was you. You laugh and grab your phone off the bedside table. He probably fell of the bed when he was asleep and didn't realise. You snap a photo and write a tweet.

'Ashton snuggling with a blanket. Cute >.<'

You walk out the room and apply some eyeliner and a bit of concealer. Mornings.

You rush down the stairs and trip when you get to the bottom.

"What the hell is this?" You stand up and spot a Pokemon toy. Michael.


"What?" He calls from the kitchen. When you walk in their he has waffles with Nutella, Calum and Luke are eating pancakes. You place a hand on your hip.

"Yours, I presume," Luke and Calum try to hide their laughs but they escape and Michael just stares at them

"Pikachu!" He reaches out for it and You stand on toes to lift it higher. "Can't be bothered. I'm too lazy,"

"Yes you are Michael," Luke and Calum say at the time.

"No breakfast for me?" You ask, and they innocently don't say anything.

"I'll make you breakfast y/n," Ashton appears shirtless in plaid pyjama bottoms.

"Thanks," You say looking directly at the three boys sitting at the table nibbling at their food.

"Why do you have make up on?" Ashton asks while getting a pan out the cupboard.

You blush. "Erm. My face looked horrible with bags under my eyes," You explain grabbing some bacon out the fridge and throwing it in the pan.

"You look much nicer natural," He smiles. As the bacon begins to sizzle, you use a wooden spoon to flip it.

"Oh so your cooking now?" You nod. He wraps his hands round your waist.

"Well be careful not to burn yourself," You frown; Ashton laughs and puts some crumpets in the toaster.

The bacon was ready so you shifted them into two sandwiches, one for you and one for Ashton.

"Oh my god,"

"Ha ha,"

"Wise guy,"

Laughter ran through from the dining room, you and Ashton pull weird glances at each other. You follow him to the table sitting in between Luke and Ashton.

"What's so funny?" You ask taking a bite out of the sandwich. God, Bacon has never tasted so good.

"This is funny," Luke points to his phone then you suddenly remember the crumpets. Oh no. You rush out to see smoke pouring out the toaster and you waft it out the window using a tea towel. When you wedge the crumpets out the toaster they are black and crumbly. Yuck.

"Did you think I'd not notice if you were gone upstairs?" You walk over to the bin to get rid of the dead crumpets.

"Yeah. It was cute though, you all snuggled up with a blanket instead of me for a change,"

"Nothing better to cuddle with than you," Ashton remarked and pulls you to him by your arm.

"Your too kind really," You put your hands on his chest as you talk.

"Well it's boring in there. The boys won't stop giggling like a bunch of school girls,"

"So..." You start and trace shapes in his bare back.

"Childish," Ashton finishes your sentence and kisses your fore head.

"I never said good morning did I?"

He rests his chin on your head and plays with your long hair.

"Nope. Good morning Ashton," I say into his neck and kiss his nose. Ashton closes his eyes and softly puts a piece of stray hair behind your ear.

"Good morning y/n,"

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