You Can't Fix Stupid (BoyxBoy/Yaoi)

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Hello :) I've never had a Wattpad account before, until now when my friends finally forced me to get one. So far it has been quite lovely! This story is a yaoi which means it is Male x Male. Hopefully people can enjoy this as much as I do writing it. Feel free to give me feedback on what should happen in future chapters aswell! <3 Now onto the story...

Chapter 1: I have not the slightest clue

~First Person: Norihko POV~

All I wanted to do... was eat my succulent crepe. Something to satisfy my sweet tooth at the given moment, and what I got was not what I had wished for. “So? What do you say?” A semi-short male with dark, almost black, but definite blue hair asked me. “…Satoru…” I muttered in complete shock. He rolled his eyes in utter impatience. The guy in front of me with an edgy look happens to be my life long best friend. Ever since I moved in across the street, we became inseparable. Now out of high school, I have a part time job, along with one of the strongest gangs in Osaka. Satoru on the other hand became an editor for a huge literature company, and pretty much left the gang for work. I had no problems with that you see, only because we really are inseparable, but there are times, like these, where I just want to run like hell away from him. “Nori?” He asked aloud, tilting his head. “Did you hear me?”

“Are you joking with me?” I asked a bit to intimidating. I had to be a bit aggressive never know whether this guy is joking or not. “Tsk” he clicked his teeth in anger and crossed his arms stubbornly, “Rude! How can I joke about something as serious as this?” he then slowly untangled his arms. “No, I’m not. Jerk, I love you. So I wanna go out with you.”

He said it… He said it again. I smacked my right hand on my forehead with a loud aggravated sigh. I seriously don’t know how to deal with this situation. Especially since were out at night in a public area, heading home from the bar. After leaving  we visited a crepe stand and got some desert, but my god what had led us into this conversation!? “H…How?” I manage to blurt out, only nipping into my banana-chocolate flavored crepe. He shrugged and looked forward. “I’ve always felt this way since we were in middle school; it’s when you got your first girlfriend I noticed I fell for you.” He smirked. “And, tonight felt nice, so, why not surprise ya?” He then turned his head to me and smirked deviously.

I swear this fucker is slick. I feel a drop of sweat drip down the back of my neck. Odd cause its winter, and snowing, but not as odd as my best guy friend asking me out. Looking straight ahead of me, I notice the apartment complex we live in. Suddenly I feel his gaze burning in on me, I face him once again. “Er…Satoru I don’t get it…” his face turns from slick and somewhat happy to annoyed as hell in a heartbeat. “What’s not to get? I like you and I want us to be together, now I just need your answer, yes or no?” he proceeds in a shaky tone. Swiftly, and angrily he chomps away into his pocky and strawberry flavored filled crepe. I can tell he’s hiding his true feelings about the question given. His face may say one thing, but different actions make up for another. He’s nervous, I can tell by the tone of voice, and the tapping of his fingers to his leg. Again I sigh, I seriously don’t want to fuck up the relationship we have now, but there’s no way of avoiding this. “I’m straight, sorry Toru…” I replied after walking into our apartment complex. Our ride in the elevator was supposed to be full of silence, like in every manga I read after a guy or girl rejects the ones who asked them out, but Satoru is just another thing. “Why?” He asked. I rolled my eyes. It’s pretty damn obvious why. “Why don’t you at least wanna try? You just broke up with your girlfriend” he huffed. “Tch” was my answer. Now he’s just annoying the hell outta me. “No~rii!!!” he called out in a whiny manner. He just never gives up. “Whaaaaat!?” I ask, mocking his crybaby tone. Finally were at our floor and both of us swiftly rush off; I set my key into my lock and began to push it open. Of course this persistent idiot sets his hand on top of mine and stops me from entering. “Kay, well, hope you know I’m not prepared to give up.” A mischievous grin paints itself across his mask. I narrow my eyes down at him. “The hell? Yes you are, go find someone else!” I yelled, shaking him off my door handle. “Fuck that, no one else is worthy for me!” He replies playfully maneuvering around me and towards his door. Sheesh, I still don’t know what to do; instead I just wait for him to finish. He speedily unlocked his door and opened it.

“Prepare yourself Norihko! I’m not giving up this easily. YAHOO!” He screams, flinging what’s left of the crepe around, and then slamming his door closed. I’m left standing in front of my door dumbfounded by that weird motherfuckers actions. Finally shaking away the last bit of shock, I open my door, step in and lock it behind me. “Geez…” I sighed, throwing my keys down on the coffee table that lied a couple feet away from me. I then threw the half-eaten banana flavored crepe into the garbage can and flung my body onto the couch face first into one of the pillows. “Such a stressful evening. And, I thought I’d be able to sleep good tonight.”I sputtered. Sighing again, I get back up and head to the bathroom. Drawing back the white semi-see through curtains I turn on the shower to its appropriate temperature. I then strip off my black snow-jacket, then fling my white long-sleeved shirt into the hamper. Unbuckling my belt and letting my pants fall to the ground, I kick them away and face the mirror to analyze myself. A man, 22 years old, is staring back at me. His brown hair slicked back, but two strands end up falling in front of him. His naturally unkempt facial hair studs only appear on his chin purposely. I then focus in on his eyes, a dark brown that almost looks to the point of black. “Why can’t I have some nice eyes, like, what the fuck, my eyes are turning demon like every day!” I mutter to myself. Why the hell am I even worrying about such stuff? I’m hopeless. A second later the mirror began to fog up. Finally stripping off my grey boxers, I head into the shower.

An hour shower later, I’m all prepared for bed. Turning off my bedroom light I lay there in the dark rethinking of the events that happened tonight. “Prepare yourself Norihko! I’m not giving up this easily. YAHOO!” I can’t help but begin chuckling to myself in bed. I don’t know why, but thinking back, I thought he was acting extremely cute. Wait, what? Gross! Never mind. That asshole can’t ever be cute. He’s to manipulative, sly, spiteful-ARGGG! Too many things to list. I don’t know how or why he fell for me in the first place, but all I know is that my life is about to turn upside down. Feeling the fatigue from today finally hit me, I decided to let sleep overtake me. I wonder what’s in store for me tomorrow.

So uh, How was it? Chapter 2 will be coming up in an hour or so, and then so on. :) Also, this chapter was a bit short, the others are much longer so don't worry. Hopefully I'm doing this correctly e-e Yes there is sex in later chapters and some major (or minor?) violence but when has that ever affected anyone?? XD i was 12 when i first started reading stuff such as this.

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