chapter 4

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Hello?? I thought you said you would be back tomorrow” I said

“Yeah and it is already tomorrow you little dumbass”

“HEY” i shouted i might be small but i am sure i am not a dumbass”

"Whatever you say Leah, are you coming to the hospital with me or no?”

“I guess so, just let me get changed i am still on my pajamas if you haven't realized”

“No stay like that, Aiden will find you cute with your little bunny shorts “he said, i didn't realize how inappropriate my clothes were until i looked down to see my really short shorts with bunny faces on them, and how my shirt was showing a lot of my boobs.

“GET OUT” i screamed while pushing Dylan out of my room

I closed the door on his face and locked it

“Okay get changed but please hurry, i need to be there as soon as possible”

I grabbed my favorite skinny black jeans, a white tank top with LA written all over it, and my black vans i usually wear them everyday, i kept my hair down because that’s one of the few things I enjoy about myself that even though i go to sleep and wake up my hair remains the same, straight and on its place I  went back to where my door is and opened the door to see Dylan checking his phone he was probably answering some texts or whatever.

"I am ready to go" i said not believing on my own words, i was somehow scared of meeting Aiden, like what if he didn’t like me, i was trying to help him feel better with all of his situation, but what if he just pushed me off, I don’t even know the guy  , I shouldn’t care, but I have always been one of those persons who tried to be of everyone’s liking even though  that’s not possible, not everyone can like you the same as you can’t like everyone, but you do have to learn how to live with them.

"Lost in your mind much?" Dylan said

"A little bit, sorry can we leave now"

"Yeah well what are we waiting for?"

"I am waiting for you to move your big ass from my way so we can go downstairs, then to your car and then drive to the hospital, or would you like to jump out of the window like you always do"

"okay, okay there is no need to be that mean, by the way my ass is fit i mean its not fat girls like it i think"

"oh my god you are so full of yourself, please let’s just go" Dylan didn’t replied to me he just let out a small giggle, one of those giggles girls find cute but in him i found it very annoying.

we made our way downstairs to his car, and both of us got in, as the jerk he is he didn’t open the door for me, not that i cared, but this boy needed to learn some manners, he turned on the car and in a very short time we were in the road, he turned on the radio and i heard my favorite song playing so i started singing along to it

"Do you like the stokes?" he asked

"well i am not singing to one of their songs because i hate them"

“I thought you were more into boy bands and pop and all of that commercial music”

“I am” I simply answered

“so why do you like rock music”

“Because I like different type of music not because I like one direction I am not able to listen to blink am I right”

“I guess you are right” he simply answered.  we only talked a little more before we got to the hospital, he told me what school Aiden and him assisted to, it was not far away from mine maybe a 10 minute walk away, they were both seniors so that means they were a year older than me.

Dylan parked his car and both of us got out of the car,

I didn’t wait for Dylan to open the door for me because I knew he was not going to do it, when we entered to the hospital I started getting nervous, I hate hospitals, I mean terrible things happen here and the last time I was in this hospital was when my grandfather passed away, as I said this place makes me feel scared and brings out some terrible memories.Dylan knocked the door and we waited for an answer “come in”, heard someone say over the door, it must be Aiden, he had a sexy voice, i wanted to know how he looked i mean the only time i saw him was yesterday and the only thing i remember about him is that he had black hair because i couldn't see anymore of him, because as you already know he jumped.

We went through some corridors and an elevator until we got to the room.

As Dylan opened the door i felt how cold the room was, I always expect hospital rooms to be cold and sad, sometimes happy because some miracles do happen there, but i guess they are mostly cold and sad.

I was really scared of meeting him, i actually felt my heart race as i made my way into the room, Dylan made his way to Aidens's bed and i stayed on my place. A few seconds passed and i still hadn't look up at him until i heard him say “who is she, and what is she doing here?” thats the time i raised my head to look straight to him and tell him that my name wasn't “she”, but the instant i looked up i drowned in his beautiful blue eyes and his courageous face....

OMG ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I WAS WHEN I WROTE THIS?? you probably aren't but i just wanted leah and Aiden to meet i hope you enjoyed this chapter and if its much to ask can this get 2 votes please i will love you forever. Until next time x

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