Darcee's P.O.V.

"Bad news. I called to confirm our appointments and they didn't even have them in the book and they said that there was no way they could get us in becasue they are booked full." she says with a frown on her face. "Oh darn" I say sarcasticaly as i snap my fingers. "Oh be quiet I know you dont really care but I was looking forward to it. What hapened to your book?" she asks pointing to the soaked book in my hand."Hay.........uhh I dropped it" it wasn't a total lie i did drop it. She had never gotton crazy jealous but I dont think she should or she'll blow it out of perportion. She nods as she walks back inside. "Is she gone?" I hear a voice ask again making me drop my book for the second time. "You have got to stop doing that." I say making him laugh. "Well I'm gonna go buy a dress." I say. "I'll come with you I have to get something to." he responds "I don't think thats a good idea...you could just meet me there." i suggest "Sounds good" he says as he walks inside his house. I go inside to grab my keys and my purse.

Hayes and I get to Dillards at the same time. "hey" he says giving me a side hug. "Hi" I respond akwardly "We can get yours first." "Ok" I say walking to the teen dress section.

Hayes' P.O.V.

"Can I have a dressing room?" she asks the employee after she has picked out three dresses. Darcee and I follow follow her into the area as she nods. "Thank you" she says closind the door. About two minuets later she comes out with her nose scrunched up. "I dont like it" she says "Ok lets see the next one" I say as she walks back in. She has the same response to the next one. "I really like this one!" she says walking out in the third dress. It's strapless and floor legth with a belt around the middle. I just stare for abouta minuet. "What do you think?" she finally says. "You look beautiful!" I say I think this may be the most amazing thing I've ever seen. "I'm gonna get it" she says excitedly.

When we get to me mens section I dont try anything one I just buy a pair of kackis and a buttun up shirt. We both head back home and get ready and before I know it its time to go to the graduation. 

**at the graduation**

Darcee and Julie both look pretty but Darcee is more of a natural looking beauty Julie on the other hand has cakes on make-up and hair sprayed curls. "Now our Validictorian Darcee Nuly will be speaking" the super intendent annouces. I dint know Darcee was Validictorian. After her speech I am called up to give mine after the super intendent announces me. Before I know the graduation is over and I am at home setting up for the party Darcee won't be at. As soon as the party starts people start showing up. I can't say I'm suprised people have been talking about if for two months. Even parents are coming. I see Julie walk in and do my best to avoid her I know she is going to be all over me and I don't want that from her....I want it from Darcee.

Darcee P.O.V.

I can hear the music from my room so as soon as I get home I put on sweatpants and a white t-shirt. I throw my hair up in a ponytail and plug my headphones in my lap top as I begin watching Rules of Engagment. After the first episode I hear a knock on my door I look over and to my suprise Hayes is standing my my door way. "Hey. Come in" I say taking out my earbuds. "Thanks" he says as he walks to in and sits at my bed. "Shouldn't you be at your party?" I ask him. "Eh it's not really my idea of fun." he says shrugging his shoulders. "And what is?" I ask raising my eyebrows. "What your doing." he says gesturing to my laptop. "Well your welcome to join me." I say patting the spot next to me. "Thanks" he says scooting next to me. This is what I've dreamed about since freshman year but I imagined him being MY boyfreind not my sisters but it's good enough. We choose The Croods. We both laugh at the kid movie. Once the movie finishes we talk for a while. "I should probably get going he says looking into my eyes. "Ya your right" I say meeting his gaze. "I really wanna kiss you." he says inches away from my lips. "I wish you could" I respond. "Ya" he says as we both slowly get closer, my heart beat is getting faster and faster. "We should stop" I say. "I don't know if I can" he says right before lips crash into mine.

Hayes' P.O.V.

Our lips part deepening the kiss. She wraps he arms around my neck as I grap her hips and kiss her neck and jaw line."No no no I can't do this to my sister" she says pulling away. "You really should go." she says as I leave the room. "Do me a favor don't tell her about this we have been having troubles and i don't want to make it worse." she nods and I leave.

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