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(Yas falls to the ground with blood trickling from her body and dude that shot her ran off and YM is running to you while others squirm to get away from the scene )


Yas:Marqus i... I.. Im so-(she coughs blood up out her mouth ) sorry 😪

Ym: shhh don't talk help is coming ok you don't have to be sorry

(Reaches in his pocket and calls 911 )

911: 911 what your emergency?

Ym: help help please she bleeding ... I love her (he starts crying)

911: sir,please calm down can you tell where you're at ?

Ym: uhhhh about 10 min away from blue stars studios?

911: stay calm keep talking to her help is on the way keep her eye open

Ym(sniff) ok

Yas: Marqus I'm sorry i didn't mean for what happened i ju-

Ym: shh baby i need you not to worry about that right now just stay with me

Yas: ok i just ;my head hurts ... (Faints)

Ym:babe bae! yasmine? Shit man o got find out who did this !!! Ok now i just need to pray (start hearing sirens get closer)

Ym POV: dear heavenly father i pray that you give yasmine the eternal life of 120 years you promised according to the book genesis in the name of jesus heavenly father if its not in your will to let her be here then you might ad well take me to lord please i feel she the one ? In the name of jesus i pray amen

Ambulance: sir, we need you to let her go now? Please sir ...

Ym: he lets her go ..

(They put her in the truck and start it up and Marqus os riding in the back to

Holding her hand while they work on her )

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