chapter ten: please Jonathan

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"Baby I have a surprise for you now put this blindfold no and I'll take you there." I teased Jonathan, his face lit up with joy and he blushed. He pulled the blindfold over his eyes and I lead him out of my room and down the hallways to the library.

"Don't tell me your taking me to the library, I know my way round this place with my eyes shut! your taking me to the library aren't you." he chucked.

"Its a surprise I'm not allowed to tell you that's not the point of a surprise. You'll find out soon." I giggled. We walked up to the library door and I pushed it open, then I walked up to were the wall opened up. I stopped and looked around to check nobody was there. It was clear.

Dessperace opetra suspecto keptera

I whispered and the doors opened slowly in front of me. I pulled the blind fold off of Jonathan's eyes and his face filled with surprise.

"Well hello there Eclipse and I see you brought Jonathan!" welcomed Dessperace with open arms. Jonathan walked in and the door shut behind us. It took me and Dessperace a few minuets to explain to Jonathan and to answer all his questions.

"So what do you think Jonathan will you help them, I am going to it is my duty." I explained.

"Eclipse I don't know this a bit sudden Tommy nearly killed you. And all of this just after your eighteenth birthday and being attacked by the Banewoods." he argued with a solemn face.

"Oh please Jonathan its my duty to protect the clairvoyant kind in any way possible and you said you would never let me out of your sight. please Jonathan!" I pleaded to him.

"I don't know Eclipse. We wouldn't a have time to train as well as do school work and the exams are soon. we have priorities." he grimaced.

"Yes Jonathan we do have priorities and mine are my duties to the clairvoyant race and if o back away from them, my mother's death would be for nothing, I am the reason she died and she died so that I could help all clairvoyant people." I began to shout.

" FINE!! I'll help you but if you get hurt won't let you continue, promise!" he shied. I swung me arms around his shoulders (being carful of my wrist) and hugged him with all my strength.

"Alright that's enough celebrating I need to show you all the different sections we have to teach you two about." spat Dessperace, "You will have to start training once your are healed anything before that could be dangerous. Okay?" explained Dessperace.

"Fine!" I breathed with annoyance. We walked out of the main room into the long hallways. passing doorways and turning. I rushed behind Dessperace hands linked with Jonathan's. Dessperace stopped and me and Jonathan walked into him, he looked at us with disgust.

" You will have to learn stealth and agility to be an assassin." he said pointing to an assault course full of moving objects. We continued to prowl the corridors until Dessperace stopped again.

"The second most important thing is that you can hind in plain sight, you will learn how to act like different people and make a discuses  from anything." he said showing us a room set out to look like any normal market.

we continued to walk around  the underground building. We passed students that I had seen around school. and even a few teachers I had seen before,  I as now desired not to trust teachers anymore. Dessperace stopped once more this time in front of an open door way.

" An assassin MUST be able to resist temptation, if your team member  was captured you must help them and not go kill the enemy just for the glory." he said with the sound of guilt in his voice." This is a very important skill to have I should know."

"What do you me 'I should know'?" I questioned.

"Let just say my close friend got captured, I made the wrong choice and now she is no longer with us." he murdered with the sound of disapproval in his voice. Then we walked on this place seamed huge I thought it could have been bigger then school.

Now Dessperace had told me part of his story I want to know all of it, it was bugging me the rest of the way round. Moments later was when Dessperace stopped for the last time.

" The last thing you must know to be an assassin is endurance, the ability to go a long time with out food or with hold pain for a long time." he explained to us. Once he had showed us around Dessperace took us back to the exit and said good night.

"I'm happy you said you would help. Thank you!" I said kissing Jonathan on his cheek. He wrapped his arm around me and we walked back to his room, I walked in with him. He pulled of his shirt reveling his abs, eight I counted, then I noticed a black tattoo on his hip just above his trousers. It was a sword with a ring around it and a pair of angel wings producing from behind it.

"what's that on your hip?" I asked him.

"Oh that's my family symbol." he explain as he lied down on his bed waving me over. "what's yours don't you have some form of your family symbol on you? ... Oh yeah you just turned eighteen, I'll get you something for your birthday tomorrow we have a free day we can go into town and spent the day together." 

After we made those plans we both drifted into sleep.

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