Chapter 11~

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The next morning I woke up with the smile still on my face , why? That's easy JUSTIN ! I took a quick shower, as I dressed for another regular day of MY life, with NO friends but I'm glad I have justin ! I went downstairs and since I had nothing and I was home alone I decided to help mom, clean the house ! It wasn't that big so it isn't that big of a deal, I dressed into some short shorts which were stretch cz it was as if I was doing sports and a half belly shirt ! I did my hair into a bun and grabbed the mop and started with my duty , I started with the room , then living room etc.... , after 5 hours of cleaning I went and put away all the cleaning supplies, I leaned down to place some things when I felt a slap on my ass I gasped as I turned around to find justin there

Me: HEY why did u do that? *laughing*

Justin: do u blame me ? Ur ass looked sexy

I punched his chest

Me: how did u get in here anyways?

Justin: ur mom gave me a spare key

Me: oh she must really like u

He smiled

Justin: WOW the place's spotless

he said looking around

Justin: well I don't think we need a maid when we marry ! *wink*

I laughed

Me: I don't think so!

He laughed! Then my stomach made a LOUD noise ! That was em-ba-rr-as-si-ng ! I held my stomach as my cheeks turned red ! He laughed and held my waist and pushed me closer to his body!

Justin: I guess someone hasn't eaten yet

Me: *sigh* too busy cleaning but I'm finally done

Justin: good , then we're going to lunch/dinner

We both laughed !

Me: okay , can u wait ten minutes so I can take a quick shower

Justin: can I join! ? *wink*

Me: sure *smile*

I was joking , but he didn't know , he followed me hopping seriously ?

Me: *laughing* I was kidding

Justin: *puppy dog face* aww :( common

I shook my head as he turned around , I jumped on his back , and began to plant small kisses on his neck , and slowly biting it ! He began moaning , mission accomplish ! I got off and began running upstairs but he was too fast ...... This time ! He grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear ' u shouldn't have done that' I winked and began running ! I won I locked my room and quickly took a shower and got out to find a person's shadow in my room , on my bed ! How could anyone possibly get in? My windows and door are locked :/

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