Chapter Nine: The Faceless Face of Fear.


Heaven's POV:

I go to my garage and get in my car, Jane and Harley come in with me and I tell Drew and Jake to get the truck with the trailer, (just in case). Soon, we are off.

Harley, Jane and I are in front, Jane is giving me directions and Harley is keeping off any zombies, and obviously, I'm driving. Whilst driving, I can see what horrors the plague has brought to this world. The streets are deserted, cars turned over, and then there's that uncomfortable silence that sings in the streets. 

Nothing, will ever be that same again.

 As I carry on driving, with Jane telling me where to go, I realised something. I need to start searching for a cure (an actual cure, but this time curing a zombie apocalypse). 

"Ok Heaven, take the next right and we will be in a farm." Jane says. She seems cool and calm about this 'almost impossible' mission. Do you know what my dad used to say... 

'Nothing is impossible unless you believe its impossible.' I always treasured that quote, except the time where I thought I could fly by jumping out of a tree, I ended up with a broken arm. That's the only time I didn't believe in that quote. But from now on, I'm going to treasure it.

A fat, salty tear falls down my face without me even noticing, remembering my parents brings back loads of memories that just want to make me cry even more.

Jane obvouisly notices. "Heaven, what's wrong?" 

"Huh? Oh, nothing!" I say quickly. I don't want to go into any sob stories about my parents and stuff, I need to get over them dying. But how?

"Yeah right. I know you now, what's wrong." Jane pushes on. She's just too good, we are like sisters now. Even though we have only known each other for... a don't know, but not long.

I sigh, deeply. "I was just thinking about my parents. But nevermind that." I focas my eyes back onto the road and continue driving.

"Heaven!! You missed the turning!" Jane shouts at me.

"Oh sorry." I mumble. 

I reverse the car and drive through. This place looks like a farm, only messier. I can see a hurd of zombies trying to get into a shed. 

"Lets move." I say.

We run up to the zombies and they see us and turn around to attack us instead. I whip out my sword and swing it through the air gracefully, deadly. Jane and Harley get to work with the throwing knives and Jake is using daggers, whilst Drew and I are using swords. This is the faceless face of fear. Soon, dead corpes lay beneath our feet. The pungent smell wants to make me pass out but, I'm used to it.

I tread over the dead bodies and walk up to the shed. I try to open it with my hands, but to no avail. So, I sigh and kick the door open. When the door is open I can see that inside is a few animals, 2 cows, 3 pigs, 1 lamb and 2 sheep, also a horse.

Another door bursts open, a man comes out holding a pitch fork.

"Get away from my animals you horrible zombies!" He shouts.

"Whoa! Its ok, we are not zombies!" I tell him.

He lowers his weapon and stares at us in 'aw'. "Oh, my, God! Actual survivors! Fern! Izzy!"

Suddenly two girls come through, one holding a sword and the other holding a dagger. "Father! What's wrong?!" One shouts.

"Its ok my childern, look, survivors!"

They look at us, the same way their father did. I smile at them.

"Its nice to meet you. We have been searching for animals and didn't expect to find any. But, today we have been extremly lucky to find animals and people! Now, I know you might not believe us, but we have a safe house not far from here, would you like to come with us and bring the animals?" I say, I hope they believe us, we have been lucky to find them.

"Really? You have a safe place we can have our animals and stay safe without worry?" The farmer asks.

I nod.

He smiles and turns to his girls. "Fern, what do you want to do?"

The girl smiles at him, she has long wavy brown hair that reaches past her waist and light green eyes that sparkle, she has tanned skin and a slim figure. "I would love to go to this safe house, if you are sure its safe for the animals and my sister and dad." She replies.

"I promise. Its kept me safe for all these years." I state.


I look at the other girl she has got the same eyes as her sister and light brown waist legth hair and pale skin also with a slim figure, she also wears geeky glasses. "I trust you, can we go with you? With the animals of course."

I nod and smile at them. "Right, we will load the animals up, you lot get everything you have and we will take that too." 

They rush off and we start loading up the animals. Today has been eventfull.

Once all the animals are loaded up and everybody is packed we load the bags and head off, back to my safe house.



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