I'm dreaming right now, am I? Tyler is in his castle, looking for his 'princess'. He sees something off in the distance, and calls for his father. His father slaps him in the face, he started crying as he ran out the door. He runs fast, faster than he normally does. His 'princess' is getting closer, and as I notice, that 'princess' is me. 

     I woke up to Tyler stroking my brown hair. 

     "Hi Kyle. You're finally awake." he said.

     "Hi." I replied as I looked around the room. "Tyler, why am I in the hospital? And where's Shelb?"

    "Sh, don't worry about her. It's just us right now." he said getting dangerously close to my face.

I close my eyes as our lips met. His soft lips collided with mine as our movements were syncronized. 

     "T-Tyler-" I stuttered as the my words being muffled by our kiss.

I was in complete bliss, until the door opened. I look out of the corner of my eye, and I see Shelby and some of her friends.

     "We'll leave you two love birds alone. Set that down over there, okay?" Shelby said as I heard clammering of things.

As they left, Tyler leaned in real close to my ears a, "I love you" creaked out of his mouth.

     "Tyler, I-"

     "Kyle I am in love with you. Your brown eyes, the way your hair curls, everything about you. I believe that you are my other half, my soul mate. I am in love with you, and you can't change that." Tyler blurted as he slipped a ring around my finger. "I want you to promise me that when I'm ready, and you're ready, we will be together forever and marry. I am in love with you."

As the tears well up in my eyes, I nod my head lightly. 

     The thing I've been afraid of, I've now conquered that fear. Love. I can live my life now, without being crushed with rejection, because I know that Tyler, he truly loves me.

     "Yes, Tyler, yes. I love you. This is not going to be some puppy love, and I can swear, that when I'm ready, I will marry you. You are with me, forever."

     I'm at peace now, in love and will never be hurt by girls ever again, because Tyler will pick me up and fix me. Tyler is my everything, and I need him with me forever. No matter what, I need him with me. Through thick and thin, fun and bad memories, I need Tyler with me. 

     "I love you Tyler."


THE END! I may or may not continue this, but this is the end of this fanfic! Any unresolved answers I will put in an epilouge in a week. 

Stay lovely!

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