Chapter 12

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*two weeks later*

Danielle's POV

I getting out of this coma. The only thing I've seen for days is pitch black. I was starting to get some feeling in my fingers and face. I'll try my fingers first.  I tried at hard as I could to move my fingers.

"Look Connor! Her fingers moving!"

Yes! Phase 1 complete!

Alright now my face. I tried as hard as I could to wiggle my nose and open my eyes.

"Sam! She's wiggling her nose!"

With one last try, the darkness was swept away, and white bright light came flooding in.

I looked around the room, Connor and Sam stood their smiling.

I sat up to give them a hug, "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!" I screamed. The pain in my ribs hurt so much it was unbearable. The happy, smiling faces were soon replaced with worried ones.

"Danielle? Are you okay?" Connor asked sitting in the chair beside my bed and grabbing my hand.

"Just peachy," I said through gritted teeth. "Not that I don't love seeing you and all, but can you get the nurse?"

**++**++**++the next day**++**++**++

I had two broken ribs and a broken wrist. Not to mention that I have to stay in bed for the next three day while I recover some then I can start to move around.

"Alright Ms. Ross you are free to go," the nurse said while unhooking the last thing from my arms. I was helped into a wheelchair which would soon become mine once I got home.

A tired looking Connor emerged from the bathroom and went up to talk to the nurse about taking care of my and stuff. I pulled out my phone and went on twitter. My jaw dropped. #prayingforDani was trending worldwide for 3 days straight. I composed a new tweet.

I would like to thank everyone who made the #prayingforDani possible, much better now and going home!

I looked up to see Connor walking over to me with some paper and a bag of pills.

"You got the drugs?" I whispered. I lost my voice and it hasn't come back. The doctors said it will come back in a couple of days.

"I got them man. Let's get the hell out of here before we get caught," Connor laughed placing the pills and papers on my lap before wheeling the wheelchair to the elevator and pressing the lobby button.

"Are you excited to be going home?" Connor asked.

"No I kinda wanna stay here in the most miserable place I've ever been to," I said sarcasm dripping from my voice. Connor just rolled his eyes.

The door opened and we waked through the entrance to Kian's car. He unlocked the car and helped me out of the wheelchair and into the front seat, then placed the wheelchair in the trunk.

"And away we go!" Connor yelled.

I rested my head on the head rest, (That's kinda what it's for, duh)

And drifted to sleep.

Bright lights flashed through the car, I gripped the steering wheel harder. I watched as the car crashed into the passengers seat. The image swirled into Connor lying in a hospital bed, his heart beat slowly to a stop.

I woke up with a sudden jolt, bolting upright into the sitting position. Bad idea. I screamed as pain rushed through every in of my body.

Connor came rushing threw my bedroom door. He saw me and came over and put his arm around me, leaning back into the laying position. I was now balling my eyes out for 2 reasons.

1. I'm in pain and

2. I thought I had lost Connor.

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