Why You Gotta Lie

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Ricardo McAllister

4 weeks later

I thought at first i was gonna hate school turns out the fine chicks make it likeable right now i got 2 sidelines and a main....lemme stop lien i got 3 sidelines and a main. Tasha was a sideline but i had to step her up she was to good had to wife dat

" Rico I'm bout to go ill see you later oh and ya girl Tasha outside she looking bad af" Derek said i was bout two seconds away from slapping him

" Nigga don't you got a girl" I said pushing him out my room

"Yea Yo girl" He mumbled then laughed walking down the stairs and stopping at the bottom

"What about Kilone that thick fine ass girl from school" I said smiling

"Shut up she just a friend" He said

"Soon you gone be with her...watch" I mumbled walking downstairs

He grabbed the keys opened the door walking past Tasha getting in the truck i grabbed Tasha had and brought her in the house

Derek McAllister

"Why you keep playing" Kilone laughed hitting my arm while i was driving

"Girl if you don't wanna hit something you wouldn't do that" I laughed pulling into Kilone driveway

"I gotta go get my phone you coming in?" She asked getting out

"Nahh you go ahead and get it ill stay in the car" I said and started singing with migos to "First 48"

"Come on Pleaseeee" She said smiling

"Fine" I said taking the keys out and getting out in the process then locking the doors

She went to the door unlocking it and walking in i walked in behind her into the big house she closed the door behind me

"Come help me find it i forgot where i put it" She said starting to walk up the stairs

I followed her into a Barbie room i burst out laughing

"Girl you wanna be made of plastic that bad" I laughed shaking my head while helping her look

"OMG SHUT UP...YOU ALWAYS JUDGING ME" She said laughing hard throwing a pillow at me

"But for real you like barbie" I said pulling the phone from out a drawer and throwing it to her

"My dad used to call me his lil barbie before he.....died...so i promised him when i made it big i would use barbie in everything thats why i got these tattoos " She said looking down and showing me the mic with "Nicki Minaji" on it and another one with "Barbie" on it and roses around it it looked super dope

"Dang those are dope and i must say i understand why he called you barbie"I said laughing throwing hints at her

"Why" She said walking downstairs behind me

"Cause you beautiful" I said and walked out the door it took her a while to come outside i knew she was smiling. i was to i really like her to be honest but right now i wanna stay in the friend zone or just friends as some people might say 2 minutes later she walked out the door locking it and walking to the car

"If you werent my friend i would have slapped you for walking out on me" She laughed closing the door

Ricardo McAllister

"Why you make things so hard all i asked you to do was give me my damn phone you always playing with me " I said Tasha is really getting on my nerves my temper is to short to be played with

"Whatever Ricardo i just came over to tell you one thing and one thing only so shut yo ishh up" Tasha said yelling at me

"Girl who is you yelling at i done told you bout dat you better chill or you can bounce with that" I said pointing to the door

"I can already tell you gone be a dead beat so there is no need for me to tell you" She said walking to the door

"Tasha quit playing and tell me dayum you always throwing hints like im a catch on a nigga 19 in the 12th grade im supposed to be in fucking college but got held back for missing so many days but you think i cant catch on to them hints you throwing towards me" I said getting pissed of she really pushing me

"You know what im pregnant you happy now im preganant and i already said you gone be a dead beat so i dont know why you care so im bout to bounce" She said walking out i ran after her laughing

"Tasha why you playing with me......YOU BETTER BE PLAYING TASHA I SWEAR YOU BETTER BE PLAYING" i said yelling i really didnt care if the neighbors came outside they can kiss my perfectly light azz

"Why would i be lien you always think something is a game well Ricardo our lives are changing forever cause you gone be a daddy and you need to accept the fact that this is life and not a game" She said getting in her car before pulling out the driveway

Im not gone be no daddy TF?? do she not know who i am or what she got herself into im not having kids around at this time not again the first time didnt turn out good and im pretty sure this time wont either she got a lot of mouth but the way my mind works you would be amazed

Kilone Carter

Im really feeling Derek and i know he feeling me to her been sending me hints all day and i kind of more than like him hes like the only person i can talk to about my dad i never told anyone about what happedned to my dad its like Derek is the only person that actually listens to me like he understands how it is. He never talks about his family i understand if he doesnt wanna i dont wanna rush him at all he didnt rush me i dont wanna rush me we havent known each other that long but we share alwmost everything

I think im even readyto tell him one of my secrets he might not be proud of it but at least ill tell him i really need to get it off my chest its been haunting me for a while and one i saw him i instantly got scared i dont know whether to tell Derek right away or just keep it away from him either way it goes he gotta find out

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