Chapter 4

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In the next weekend Dad never showed up.It was so strange not having him around. I couldn't sleep well without his goodnight kiss.I heard loud voices coming from downstairs every day but I never left my bed again.I knew it was Mum an Dad fighting again.I could hear mum screaming and Dad shouting but I never went to see what was going on.I promised to myself that afer that Friday night I would never climb of my bed to check on them.I guess I was just afraid of what I would see.The most terrifying thing was hearing  glasses crashing all over the living room.I never notised how many products of glass we had until then.My brother would come to my room asking if he could stay with me . Although he was one year older than I was he was weaker than me. After a month  Dad took my brother and I  to his new house to spend every weekend with him. I always asjed him why couldn't he leave with us like he used to but he always cried every time I asked. So I did the only thing I could do.I never asked again.But something has changed. Dad wasn't the same.His brown eyes looked tired and there black circles under his eyes.He smelled like cigarette and...something I couldn't put my finger on it.It was scotch. Maybe I didn't know that back then but I do now.Mum wasn't the same too.She had become more stressful and she yelled to us for no reason sometimes.Everytime we mentioned Dad she was crying and punishing us at the mention of his name.What is it about adults always crying? After a year my brother left me.As he wasn't my mother's bilogical son he couldn't live with her so he moved on with his grandparents. So it was me and my mum all alone.After another year she started smoking.I was 10 years old then.I heard her shouting on the phone ar nights about money and I knew she was talking to dad.My vusits to my Dad's house became rarer. He would just tatje me to the mall for an ice cream once a month and then nothing. No calls, no texts..just nothing.He even forgot my birthday.  I would never forgive him fir that I thought.I haven't seen my brother for about a year and a half but as soon as I got my first cell phone we would text each other practically every day.Our financials weren't well either. As I heard my mum saying on the phone, Dad's business wasn't going well so he wouldnt give her any money.By the time I was 12 Dad's business was closed.My mum worked day and night to make a living and pay our bills.We moved from our immense house to a much smaller with two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom. There were no garden, no pool and no play ground as our old house.My first day at junior high was a disaster. I was so nervous and as usual my Dad couldn't come with me .My Mun did her best to calm me down bu it didn't work well.I though I wouldn't make any friends.I was never very sociable and outgoing but I managed to have three to five good friends.But I was wrong. I met Melissa.She was the first girl to catch my eye and we sat together in the class.She had beautiful blonde hair and green eyes.She was tall and thin.I was so ugly compared to her but she was so nice to me.All the boys were after her but she didn't like them.I don't blame her.The boys in our class were assholes.I mean so judgemental. I was about to find out that sooner than I thought. Things in my house weren't going well either. My mum was absent all day living all the housekeeping for me. She was acting so strange and I didn't know what for. So one day I went to find out.

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