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Chapter 1- Intro

Im Marlaina Monroe. Im 22 years old and I live in LA, California. Im from Florida. I moved here 4 years ago with my best friend Shardeah. I have a horrific past that I have been dying, literally, to get away from. I dont like to talk about it much. youll find out sooner or later...

Marlaina pov

*phone rings*


shardeah- "where have you been girl?!"

"at home, I havent felt like going anywhere lately."

shardeah-"I know you are still hurt by what happened, but you cant keep yourself locked up like this."

"I know, just not in the mood for it."

shardeah-"well I called to check on you and see if you wanted to come with me to Supperclub. im hosting a party and it would mean the world to me if I had my best friend there to support me."

"ehm, yeah ill go. I need to get out of here. the walls are closing in on me."

shardeah-"yaaayyy! well ill pick you up at 9. be ready!"

"ok girl see ya." I hung up the phone.

I really dont wanna go but she best friend. I went upstairs and took a shower and got ready. I put on my black and silver dress with my belly button area showing. it was short and stopped right before my knees. I had some black and silver balenciaga shoes to match. I heard a knock on the door amd I went downstairs to open it. it was shardeah.

we hopped in her 2012 Ford mustang. she said she had to stop by her house because she forgot her credit card. I walked inside and started looking at her pictures while she looked for her card. I saw a picture with me and..HIM. I took the picture and stared at it.



Antwon-"fuck you!" he said as he squeezed harder, his entire hands around my throat. "youre not leaving me!!"

I was quickly loosing the breath I had left. slowly, I started blacking out, seeing a flash of life here and there. he finally let me go. I tried to get up, slipping and falling in my blood. I gasped for air but it didnt seem to come as fast as I needed it to. I couldnt call anyone because he b roke my phone. I ran for the door as soon as he went to the bathroom. I ran for miles and miles until I got to shardeah's house. using tje strengthi had left, I started banging on her door and I fell to the ground.

shardeah-"OMG! Marlaina! hold on im going to call the police."

"No!" I screamed.

shardeah-"girl u cant let him keep getting away with this."

"I have no choice! im not putting my mom in danger, he'll kill her."

*flashback ends*

I dropped the picture amd the glass shattered everywhere. shardeah came out and looked down at the picture. she came over to me and gave me a hug.

shardeah-"girl it will be okay. youll find someone who will give you the world, just wait and see."

"I dont believe in things I cant see or things that dont show signs that they actually exist, and besides I love Antwon."

shardeah-"girl just wait, you'll see. you might even find someone at supperclub, you never know." she smiled.

"yea right, I already told you I love Antwon" I laughed.

we walked out side and got in the car. 20 minutes later we arrived at Supperclub. it was packed. shardeah went and did her thing and I danced for a while. I went to the bar and got a couple of shots of tequila and 3 rounds of my custom drink. I called it the heart breaker, which consisted of amaretto, vodka and a dash of vsop brandy. an hour later I was ready to go. I gave shardeah a hug and called a cab. I headed to the studio. its my peace and my only outlet. its the only thing that my mother responds to since she has alhzeimers.

*music playing*

when you love,

you gotta love deep,

so deep that the world can see..

I gave you my all and you still betrayed me.

is it possible to still love?

to give someone my all?

to depend on someone to be here when I fall?

*door opens but the music is so loud marlaina doesnt notice*

God show me true loooove, mend my broken heart, heal my wounds give me a fresh start.

baby you were my everything,

we stood so tall

you couldnt let them go

so they watched us fall

baby this is all on yooouuu

and to tell you the truth,

im mooving ooooonn

oh im moving onnnn

baby its all on you

cause im moving onnnn.

I turned off my mic and I took off my head phones. I walked out of the booth.

"your voice is like heaven to my ears! "

I looked up.

"OMG! I didnt know anyone w as in here! and OMG! Chris Brown!!!"

Chris-"I know, I know you're a fan. I see all the pics on your phone case."

"yea lol, sorry I was taking up your studio time."

Chris-"no youre fine. id love to hear another song though."

"I would but I gotta go."

Chris-"oh ok, you need a ride?"

"no thanks, im going to walk it off."

Chris-"oh ok, well ill see you around."

I nodded and left. it seemed like I was walkng for hours when I finally got to my house. I noticed the for sale sign next door.there was a sold sign posted over it. I walked inside and took my shoes off. I jumped in my bed and minutes later I was fast asleep.

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