Taylor's P.O.V.

 I was going through the mail and saw something for me. It's a letter from a college.

I start jumping up and down. Louis and Dianna walk in and look at me strange. I just smile and keep jumping.

Louis grabs the letter and opens it. About 5 minutes later, he walks out of the room looking like he's going to cry. What did it say?

I grab the letter, and start to read it.

"I got in" I say after a few seconds

"Really?" Dianna said

"Yeah" I say

"Taylor this is great" she says

"Not really" I hiss not meaning to

"Sorry" she said

"It's just Louis is here and Niall is here, and I don't want to go anymore" I say but to cry

"Shh, shh, Taylor, calm down" she said trying to calm me

"I'll be in my room" I say walking away

The thing they didn't know is that Louis heard it all, and thought he's in the way and needs to do something quick.


Sorry it's short!

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