The Night

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He was a bad boy.

It was too obvious. I mean the leather jacket, the completely black outfit, not to mention the jet black hair. Also, the group of people surrounding him were looking pretty buff and all of them the same age. So either an entire group of bad boys or bunch of really fit teenagers with bad dressing choices.

"Earth to Laney! Hey there, Laney!" Darla was yelling in my ear.

"What!What! For Pete's sake, Darla stop yelling in my ear!" I yelled back

She pouted,"Well, if you just listened to me maybe I wouldn't have to!"

"Ok, ok, fine I'm sorry for not listening . There you happy now?" I scowled at her.

She was really getting on my nerves tonight.

"Yeah I'm sorry too, but all is forgiven right?"

"Yeah, silly." I pulled her in for a hug. We laughed together.

"Laney, I'm just gonna head over to the bar for another drink and maybe a little of something else." She winked at me and sashayed off towards the bar and in no small part, the bartender.

I knew I wouldn't be seeing her for a while so I flagged down one of the servers and ordered a drink to be sent to one of the corner tables which I was going to sit at for probably the rest of the night.

I made my way over and plunked into the soft leather seat waiting for my drink. My heels were killing me. So as inconspicuously as possible I stuck my head under the table and proceeded to unlatch them. I was halfway down when a deep voice interrupted me.

"Hey there, pretty lady."

Oh god! Oh my freaking god! That scared me. I jumped straight up not realizing my head was under the table and smashed my head so hard, I immediately let out a whimper of pain.

I was holding my head and rocking back and forth still under the table, when a face popped under the table.

"So usually, when I say 'hey there, pretty lady' to a girl, she doesn't start holding her head and moaning in agony." He shot me an utterly confused look.

It immediately made me feel better, and since my head was still throbbing I used my thumbs to motion for us to go topside by pointing them upwards in a thumbs up fashion.

He didn't get it, since he gave me a thumbs up too.

I scowled at him.

"No ,you dumbo I meant we should probably move to the side of the table that most normal people use."

He laughed and said," I know I was just messing with you." His eyes sparkled as he smirked at me. Just then I realized he was the same guy I was admiring for his good looks earlier. Only up close he was even hotter and cuter.

I slowly raised my head up from under the table only to find him already there and sitting right next to me.

"So lets try this again. My name is Zack Trevani . And your name pretty lady is what?" He held out his hand for me to shake.

"My name is Laney Mandell." I firmly shook his hand.

"Excuse me, Miss?" A server interrupted us. "I was told to bring this here." He held out a tray of shots.

"I'm sorry I didn't order these." I told him.

"Yes they are a courtesy of the young lady over by the bar." I looked over to see Darla send me a wink and turn back to flirting with the bartender.

"Well, Laney, it looks like we have a tray of shots to drink." Zack picked up a glass and handed me one. "To tonight and having a good time!"

"Cheers!" I replied and downed the shot in one gulp.


Twenty shots later Zack and I had gotten so drunk we were laughing about everything and saying the weirdest things.

"Hey, princess, lets me and you get a room so we don't have to yell at each other in order to hear something."

"Sure lets go, my head is spinning already anyway!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. I didn't realize the earth was so wobbly, and Zack's arms were so strong. I immediately fell into them, and giggled.

"You're sooooo strong!" I pinched his arm.

He chuckled, "Yeah I know, and I guess I might just have to carry you."

He picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the bar. We got to the hotel and not a cheap one either. I mean we're talking a hotel that has valet parking and all that stuff.

We entered the elevator with Zack still holding me in his arms. Slowly he put me down and I put my arms around him not to lose balance.

"You're veeeeerrry handsome." I stated in my drunken state. He stares at me with those deep brown eyes of his, and leaned in towards me, mesmerizing me.

"And you're veeeeerrrry beautiful." He stated in his incredibly deep voice.

I blushed and giggled since nobody had ever said anything like that to me.

"Thanks." I said looking down.

"You're welcome." He said using his finger to tilt my head back up so I was facing him.

Slowly, he rubbed his thumb against my mouth and across my jawline up to my ear. He bent down and whispered.

"May I kiss you, pretty lady?" He was not inches from my face when I replied.

"Yes, you may." It was shocking and electric when he leaned in a pressed his lips to mine.

At first he was gentle as if he was afraid to hurt me, but then I kissed him back and fireworks exploded. He explored my mouth and our tongues intertwined bringing us even closer together than before.

Just then the elevator dinged stating we had arrived. The doors opened, and Zack picked me up and carried into the room. We slowly broke apart, and I scrambled to take off his shirt. He quickly stopped me by putting his hands on my hands.

"Are you sure you want to do this,Laney?" He questioned me concern evident in his voice.

I quickly removed my hands from his, as my already foggy brain realized what I was just about to do. Zack looked at me.

"Are you okay?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine I guess I just thought you wanted to do it too and now you don't and I'm not sure if..if" I felt tears start to well up in my eyes.

"No, no, no! Laney that's not what I meant! I would absolutely love to sleep with you, but you're drunk and I'm drunk so I don't want you to regret doing anything you won't remember." He smiled softly at me and my muddled brain knew what he was saying and agreed with him.

"You're right I don't, but I won't regret this." I leaned in once more and kissed him with everything I had. Zack was surprised at first, but he quickly returned the kiss, leaving us both breathless.

We parted and I lay down on the bed, since my head was busy spinning like crazy. He lay down next to me and immediately calmed me down. So, I cuddled into him and the last thing I remember was the smell of Zack's cologne lulling me to sleep.

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