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*You may think this sounds like a typical, best friends go conquer the world together or some type of Cinderella New York thing, but trust me it’s not. Keep Reading!*

Natalie and Brooke were best friends. The Serena and Blair, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. They were practically sisters, always looking out for each other, keeping each other safe, crying on each others shoulders, and gossiping about everybody. Natalie was a junior St. James Preparatory in Manhattan and Brooke went to S.E. High School in Brooklyn. The two worlds separated them, but they remained friends ever since they met on 5th Avenue shopping at Barney’s. Now, Brooke wasn’t poor, although you may think that by her going to public school and living in Brooklyn. Her parents ran a huge restaurant empire and had bukooz of money, they just didn’t want her to become an Ivy League school bitch. Natalie’s parents however died nine months ago in an airplane crash, so she lived with her god-parents. Her god-father was an investor and her god-mother was rich from her family. Her real parents left Natalie everything they had when she turned eighteen, but her god-parents could care less. They gave Natalie the bare minimum. Natalie and Brooke’s worlds were completely opposite. 



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