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I rushed back to my cabin, I logged back on and typed JASON V. "I'm back."

AMY E."Welcome back Jas."

JASON V."Thanks"

ANY E."Welcome"

."So what you doing?"

JASON V."Talking to you."

AMY E'"Oh."

"Can I meet you sometime?"

JASON V. "I guess, I'm not sure why you would want to meet me though.

Do you do bad things such as ; drugs,drink or sex?"

AMY E. "Um I tried smoking pot, I tried drinking and I um........

My boyfriend dumped me because I wouldn't give him none."


AMY E." claim down, and no I don't I only tried it, I didn't like doing those things.

JASON V. " Ok good and sorry but you seem too nice to get dumped over not having sex."

I haven't ever had sex before, but then again no one likes me.

They just come here to do bad stuff, right before I kill them.

AMY E." Oh I um had sex before with the jerk I was with up until he beat me.

Then I stopped giving it to him and he dumped me.

It seems that you can be a sweet guy and I'm sorry people go there to do that."

💋 blushes 😎

JASON V. " That is nice of you to say, if you seen my face you would scream of fright."

"AMY E. "Do you have a cam on your computer?"

JASON V."Im not sure........ wait.....

Yes I do."

AMY E. "Ok do you want to video chat or just take a picture of yourself?"

JASON V. "Just a picture....

AMY E." Ok cool...

I brought up the webcam and stared back at myself.

I growled at my reflection, I straighten my mask and clicked the mouse and it took a picture of me.

I tapped the enter key and watched as it appeared in the messages.

AMY E." Nice mask...

JASON V. "Thanks."

A picture showed up from her, she wore glasses and had shoulder length hair.

She had full lips and her right eye seemed to be a lazy eye.

I typed back" You're pretty, much too pretty to be with me."

AMY E. " Oh Jas don't talk like that ok?

I really want to meet you, I really do.


I laughed to myself wow she wouldn't give up about us meeting.

AMY E. "Hello?"

JASON V." Yes I'm still here.

AMY E. SO can we meet up?"

JASON V. " Yeah if you really want to...

AMY E. " I do 😋

JASON V. "Ok when do you want to meet up?"

AMY E. " How bout in an hour?"

JASON V. " OK...."

AMY E. " Ok see you in a bit, can't wait 💋.

I blushed behind my mask then typed "ok see you soon."

I logged off and made sure that my place was clean.

I was nervous what if she doesn't like me?

I started to pacing back and forth in the front yard.

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