Chapter 19

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Ever since the boys got back from Devon me and Con have only come out of his room for food. I will let your imaginations run wild it has been a good couple of days. This morning though Becky, Tris, Brad and Dani were coming over pulling us out of our little bubble. It was the hottest day so far this year so Con had decided we would have a pool party, James was still back home with his family and wouldn't be back till tomorrow for band practice and his date with Lauren. I pulled myself out of Connors embrace which was a struggle in itself because he was so cuddly, and went to have a shower and get changed. I decided to wear my new bikini with denim shorts and I was about to put my crop top on when Connor pulled it out of my hand pulling me in for a kiss.

Con- You don't need this you look perfect as you are - he whispered with a smirk

Cait- CONNOR we will be having company any minute give my top back now 

There was a knock at the door, Connor looked at me with an evil smirk before telling me to go answer the door.

Cait- I NEED MY TOOOOOP - I jumped on his back and started tickling him and within seconds he was on the floor begging me to stop.

I ran downstairs as I put my top on and opened the door to find Tristan, Becky and Dani looking very summery. We said our hellos and I walked them out into the back garden where Con had already came down and was currently filling up two huge water pistols up.

Cait- Dont even think about it Condora

Con- Don't worry babe this isn't for you me and Tris have already discussed how we are going to surprise Brad as he comes in. - He laughed and passed Tris one of the water pistols before they started chatting about band stuff. 

I looked at Becky and could tell she had something big to say so I told the girls to come help me make drinks.

Becky- Soooo how was your date Dani

Dani- It was perfect like seriously it was so romantic and he was such a gentleman

Cait- Aw I am really happy for you Dani but I am sorry I will not let Becky try and avoid telling us what she has to say I know something is on your mind Becky I can tell and I can see you fighting with yourself deciding whether to say something. So whats happened?

Becky- Woah way to come at me... I don't know I don't want to tell you cos you will think badly of me

Dani- Hold up you stayed at Tristans omg you guys did it didn't you

Becky- kind of - she went bright red and tried to hide her face

Cait- Aw babe was it that bad

Becky- Caitlin!!!! It wasn't bad at all in fact it was pretty much the best night I have ever had and morning oh my god that wasn't meant to come out

Dani- haha I was wondering why you didn't get home till later

Becky- Guys can we not - she was still red - it was great but right now I just wanna spend some time with my friends

Cait- No need to be embarressed among friends but yeah today will be fun

As we walked back out to the garden I noticed brad had let himself in and had walked right into their trap. He was on the floor soaked.


As soon as the girls left the garden I turned to Tristan...

Con- You guys did it didn't you - I smirked at him

Tris- Dude what the hell? - he pretended to be shocked - but yeah we did haha she was amazing like it was just I can't even explain.

I saw the front door open so I knew Brad was on his was me and Tris positioned ourselves so he wouldn't see us the as soon as he stepped out BAM we soaked him. Me and Tris fell about laughing. I love these boys, its a shame James isn't here but today is going to be fun.

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