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HI!!!! chapter four is here and warning PREPARE YOUR FEELS SOME PRETTY BAD SHIT IS GONNA GO DOWN sowwy

~still Flashback~

Beka's POV

We went back to the village once we were sure that they had left to salvage what we could. When we got to my house one side was completely melted. The other side was still solid. "I have to see if my bow is okay," I said. "Okay let's see." We go inside to find the unmelted half is the side where my bow, my half picture of my parents, enchant table and brewing stand were. "How did this half stay unmelted?" "Maybe the magic from the enchanting table and brewing stand protected it Bek." "maybe.Anyway let's head to your house Liv." "Okay." We get there and we see our parents, friends, family, and anyone who was even nice to us as mangled corpses strewn across her front steps. "Oh Liv what do we do?!?!! We have to get your best sword but it's in there!" I say pointing at her house. "We go in the way I put in in case of emergencies like this." "Which is...." I say trailing off. "In that big oak over there." "How?" "We climb up a few branches and jump into the hole in the center of its trunk. There's a tunnel that leads to our houses." "Okay. Let's do this."

~~Time skip to inside her house~~

We come out of the tunnel and we're in her basement. When we get upstairs into the main part of her house it's a mess. Everything's on the floor and looks like someone was looking for something.... or someone. Wehead into her armory. She grabs the super enchanted swords and I our super enchanted bows and Bettys. I also take the budder turn it into as many blocks and surround all the regular apples making five super budder apples for each of us. "Liv! Look what I made us!" She turns to me sees what I've in my hands and says, "Bek did you make those for us?" "Yep." "Why?" "Well because we're going to be on the run and while we're on the run we're gonna be squid hunting." I say the last part in a voice that sounds like mine but is deeper and more demonic. "Uhh Beka you're scaring me and we can't be on the run forever." "Well I don't know about the first one but if we're not on the run where would we go Liv?" "I don't know Beka." "Could we go to Tyin the sky army? I mean they're always recruiting and Ty wouldn't be able to turn down his sister, would he?" "I don't know we haven't seen each other since maybe a couple of weeks after he ran away and that was five or six years ago. He might not recognize me..." she trails off. "If he does then we'll make him remember Liv." "Okay let's bolt."

~~time skip to out of the tree tunnel~~

When we reach the end of the tunnel I say "hold on a second Liv." I hear her stop climbing and extremely softly whisper "what's up Bek?" "I think I hear voices," I whisper quietly so only she or I could hear. We both listen intently and can just barely make out "Where are they!? They were just here! They set off the tripwires we placed in their houses!" "squids" we both say barely audible. "Bek what do we do?" "Well we could either wait here like sitting ducks for them to find the tunnel," "bad idea" or we could jump throughthe treetops like baccas and hope they don't see or hear us," "Maybe." "or we could set off a distraction and while they're distracted bolt through the treetops." "I like that best but I can't traverse through the trees as well as you so I could fall, and how could we set off a distraction that's not near us Bek?" "The first one is easy I'll carry you. The second one though.... Oooh! Oooh! I know! Liv you know how I'm good with animals." "Yeah?" "Maybe Icould get some to attack them. I mean, some of them lost their houses because of them there have to be some willing to help." "Okay it may work. Very quietly and getting more powerful as I go along in the voice of someone older I whisper almost chanting, "wing-sisters, and four-legged People of the trees and ground hear my call below me are the ones who destroyed your homes, killedsome of your family and now they ask for more, they ask for me. my life. Which they wish to extinguish. They cannot be allowed to take any more. So I call to you my friends, let us show them what happens when they burn, kill, destroy, take the little two-leggers have, and ask for more. Let us show them the true power and might of the PEOPLE. OF. THE. FOREST!!!!!" on the final four words my older sounding voice gets louder by theword and by the end I'm shouting. For second all is silent and you can feel the power in the air. Then, everything explodes into noise and chaos. Birds burst from the trees and dive bomb the squids from the skies. Four legged creatures blaze paths down trees in blurs of color to attack, bite, and scratch. The earth exploded with rabbits, groundhogs, moles, and voles. That was all I saw before Liv tore me out of the tunnel, yanked me to my feet, and started jumping through the trees, still holding my wrist. "Liv! Wait a second! Stop dragging me! I can carry you! Remember!" "Oopsie. Sorry!" She drops my hand and I hoisther over my shoulder and start hurtling through the treetops, practically flying. "BEKA! WATCH OUT!!" Liv vociferates before I feel something hit my back.Then......

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