Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

"Haha your boyfriend! And I'm Jordan, hayes new girlfriend"

As those words kept replaying in my head, I didn't want to believe them. When I started to walk away I felt a muscular arm grab me by my shoulder. As I turned around, I saw that it was hayes.

Hayes pov

While me and Jordan were relaxing ( my step sister) we heard a knock at the door. Jordan offered to go answer I said ok. I felt really bad for ally, I really hope she's not thinking the wrong way. Jordan, we'll she's my step sister and she's like really strange,i feel like she has some sorta crush on me. It's weird.

The whole contact thing with the heart, Jordan put that. Last time she had came over she put it in and she told me that it better still be there when she comes over. I promised, but after she left I changed it and when my mom told me that she was coming over I changed it that way I could say I never changed it.

I was wondering what was taking Jordan so long, I decided to walk down stairs. When I noticed that ally was at the front door I smiled, but she wasn't. She was crying. I hurried to the door before she ran away, I grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Ally where are you going?" I asked

" home! So you can spend your night with your. Your, NEW GIRLFRIEND!" She yelled

" my new girlfriend what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Jordan's your new girlfriend huh? We'll have fun she seems really, nice" she told me

" Jordan's my step sister! I didn't tell you who she was because I would think you got the wrong impression!"

" then what's the whole CONTACT THING? Huh" she had said back with attitude.

" ugh, she put that in there the last time she was over, I kinda promised that I would keep it there. I changed it after she left cause it was creepy then when I was told she was coming over today I changed it back to the heart"

" oh.. Now I feel stupid I'm sorry hayes"

" it's fine ally, I figured you would get the wrong impression. and Jordan, you can leave now!" I yelled

Ally's pov

I guess hayes wasn't cheating on me. I felt kinda bad for overreacting, I mean he should have just told me.

" hayes you have to walk me to the end of the street" Jordan had demanded.

"Ugh fine, ally I'll be back" hayes told me

" okay don't be long" I replied

I went back inside and decided to make some pop corn for the movie. After it was all settled I went outside to see if hayes was on his way back.

I looked around until I saw him.

Kissing Jordan.

Uh oh!! Looks like step sisters and step brothers kiss now! Lmao jkjk turns out Jordan wasn't lying, hayes was the one who was lying.

Love y'all😘

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