Chapter 28

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He sat back in the chair and had his head in his hands then I sat up slowly and then carefully opened my eyes it was amazing "Niall, Niall look quick " Shana yelles

" oh becca " Niall says

"Who are you ?" Becca says

Niall looks at Harry "She dosent know who I am" Niall says in tears

" I am sorry but I really dont know who you are sorry to hurt your feelings" I say

"Im Niall, Niall Horan from the band one direction " Niall says

The doctor walkes in and says "oh she is awake"

"Where am I ?" Becca says

She then asks for her phone and looks at things Shana then walks over "do you rememeber me ?


I sit there as this girl walks in "I am emm your new adopted sister " She says pasionately

"Shana!" I yell

I then blink and I am back at the hospital with Shana hovering over me

"is your name Shana?"I ask

" Yes I am your adopted sister" Shana said

" and this is your boyfriend Niall..." Shana says

" Is he from One Direction?" I said

Nialls face lights up and then he kisses me and I remember everything

" Where is Liam ?" I ask

"Oh so you remember Liam but not me!" Harry says

"Shut up styles, and I can still remember when you tried to do it with me!" I yell

"Oh well that back fired didnt it mate" Niall says

"Yeah, yeah make fun of me" Harry says

I stand up and get my phone then ask Niall to get me some clothes he comes back with some pink skinny jeans and a Midnight Memories top, he then looks at me and smirks. I smile back and then tell them to get out while I got changed.

I told them they could come back in and by this time Shana had got changed we were waring the same clothes as each other, me and my 2 friends Skye and Raea used to do that all the time. We were like triplets and people used to think we were sisters.

Me, Raea and Skye have been friends since Nursery and then they moved away in year 1 but they didnt know where and so I couldnt talk to them but then they found me on wattpad and we started to face time it was weird seing there faces because I havent seen them in ages.

We were just about to leave then we heard a sound " Where do you think you are going?" The doctor said

You know how I am stupid I had this amazing idea to run to the car...

About 5 mins later we all got in and drove off we went to Harry's place because of what happened to our house. When we got in the lads had replaced everything ipads, beds.... - the list continues and I went to giveLouis and Zayn a hug but they backed away and Louis shoved a mirror in my face.

I looked at the reflecton in the mirror and to be honest I didn't like what I seen my face was all burnt and I ran upstairs and jumped onto the bed and hid under the blanket I lay there quietly as someone walks in and sits just in front of me then pulls the blanket off and it was Harry......

ooooooooooooooooo I left you with a cliff hanger what i harry gonna do.....

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