Walking Disaster

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Hi,my names Melody,And yes I'm emo.I don't like to talk about it much but I guess my life is very complicated EVERYTHING is complicated. I grew up on my own because my mom keeps leaving me for her little "rounds" with her boyfriend(s) .Cough-hoe-cough.My whole family hates me, I'm a clutz at everything, and I never fit in.The only person that  truly loved me for me was my brother John , but he died 3 days ago from a stupid car accident. With him gone,I Just had no reason to live.So I tried to hang myself...but it didn't Go as planned.So now I wonder what's to become of me...


Hey pplz It's yours truly Nini and I Just wanted to say I'm Not very good at typing up stories like I do with writing but Hey u gotta learn ^.^ there will be more chapters coming but I Just got this So far so...Oh and The credit for this book Ain't all for me I give a shout out to Why_you_lurking.!!!thanks for helping out on The book c: And that's all Baii BIZZNITCHES!!!

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