Chapter 1

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It's summer, right in the middle of summer actually. My mom and dad are about to leave for a business trip. like usual, I'm used to them leaving me with a babysitter but this time they told me it would be a guy babysitter.. woah. Anyway they will be gone for the longest one they have been on ONE YEAR. They will come and visit every now and then but still.

*Ding Dong*

Dang it.. my new babysitter is here.. yay.

" Hello Mrs. and Mr. Waters." a guy with a deep voice said.

"Nice to see you Nash, and who is this with you?" My mother asked the stranger. Nash? who is Nash?

the boy at the door replied " I'm sorry but this is my younger brother Hayes, I have to keep my eye on him as well if that isn't a problem? "

"No problem at all. Would you like to meet our daughter Lea?" The boy nods.

"Lea! come and meet your babysitter!" my father yelled to me.

I slowly walk down the stairs to see the two most cutest boys I have ever seen. And they looked so familiar!

"Lea, meet Nash and Hayes. Nash will be looking after you and his younger brother Hayes for the next year." my mom said.

"Nice to meet you guys" I smiled

I was wrapped in a hug by Nash and Hayes

"Lovely meeting you Lea" Nash said.

We talked a bit but then my parents had to leave.

" I'll miss you" I said hugging them. We said our goodbyes and then they left

it was me and the boys now..

We walked into the living room and Nash was looking at the paper my parents left him.

I sat on the couch and Hayes sat down right next to me and Nash sat on the couch next to us. I didnt mind him sitting next to me because he is really cute!

he put his arm around me and said "hey babe" Nash just glared at him and smacked him with a pillow. i just laughed.

It was now 6pm and i was already tired

"i cant believe im already tired" i yawned

"well lets watch a movie and maybe it will wake you up a little" Hayes said.

"i dont know watching movies usually makes me more tired" i said

"well we can go play out in the rain" Hayes said

"no! the last thing i need is for you two to get sick!" Nash said but it was too late me and hayes were already running out into the rain and we just danced around while Nash was yelling at us to come inside.

When we finally came inside after what seemed like forever of being out in the rain.

We got dressed and went to bed.

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