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Chapter three

// Camber //

I can not believe what just happened. Bentley blurted out he wanted to sit with daddy. I felt everyone's eyes stare at me. I didn't know what to say. It was silent for awhile, until I finally found the words to say.

"Bentley, come into the kitchen to get water with mommy," I spoke in my serious tone. He nodded getting off Calum and walking over to me. "Kids, they say the darnedest things." I chuckled. I walked into the kitchen and sat on the floor, Bentley did the same.

"What's wrong mommy?" Bentley asked, as he did his pouty face.

"Benny, please understand that you can't say daddy anymore when Calum's around." He scrunched up his nose and tilted his head to the side.


"Because he's unaware that you are his son, and I'll get around to telling him once I've seen he's changed like he states he has, okay baby? Do you understand mommy?" I asked carefully, he got up and cradled my waist, wrapping his arms around my neck.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and whispered, "I understand mommy." I smiled to myself at his cute actions. I hugged him back.

I heard a cough from behind me and scrabbled to my feet. I saw Calum staring down at me. I gave him a small smile and started walking away, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back towards him.

"We need to talk, now." His voice sounded serious, so I nodded.

"Benny, go play with the boys, mommy will just be a minute." He nodded, as he ran into the other room. I turned around facing Calum, waiting for him to say what he needed.

"Cam, this might sound a little forward but, is Bentley, you know, mine?" He asked. I froze on the spot, not sure how to say it. I want to tell him, but I'm scared how he'll react once he knows. I shook my head no.

"No he's not yours Calum, why would you think that?" I felt awful lying to him, but I'll tell Calum when he's proved to me he's changed.

"Well he called me daddy, and I just thought-" I cut him off.

"He's 3 Calum, he doesn't know any better." I defended. He sighed finally giving up.

"You're right," he let go of my wrist letting me walk away. Before I fully left the kitchen he said, "I wouldn't mind if he was mine." He spoke, I felt my heart ache at those words. Why does it hurt so much that I'm lying to him? It shouldn't.

I walked back into the room, sitting on the couch chair as Bentley came up and sat on my lap. I kissed his head and started to think.

Would Calum really care if Bentley was his? Would he abuse him like he did me? All this time Calum was a big bully to me and now he suddenly cares about me? All these questions are being unanswered, and I need answers. I started to squeeze Bentley closer to me as I continued to stare off in the distance thinking.

Has Calum really changed? Or his he just saying it so he can beat me up again. Then all the memories started coming back to me. The bullying, the punching, the kicking, the hitting, the hard slams into the wall, him knocking me unconscious, the constant wake ups in alley ways. He did all of that to me and here he is begging for forgiveness and telling me he's changed. I know the old Calum is in there, and I don't want him to be unleashed around my son. I then felt a hand rub my cheeks and I snapped out of my gaze.

"Mommy," Bentley spoke, as he started rubbing the tears away from my eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded as he gave me a big hug. All the guys were looking at me and I felt embarrassed that I was crying in front of them.

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