Blood covered the floor tiles.Screaming was all that I could recollect from the morbid scene.The taste of blood, the warm,metal,sour blood in my mouth.I could hear my mom screaming so loud, so loud that my eardrums felt a different pain than ever before.She kept repeating, "Oh my god, oh my god," like she couldn't believe it. I couldn't either.

All this talk of suicide, I kept telling all of them I'd do it,however,nothing but encouragment followed. Thats okay,because I've finally done it. I've finally done it. And I am not coming back to this God foresaken world.

I'm done with the cutting. I am done with the bullies and all the people telling me I'm over reacting.I'm done with being hated on every social media site.

Comments like,"She's so ugly" or "Look how underweight she is" or "her smiles crooked" and "She has no thigh gap-how gross" they really get to me,I shouldn't care,but I do.I believe it,it has gotten to that point where I finally took in the information and processed it as fact.

The whispers faded in my head.

"Adam, call the police!" was all I heard before I left. Before I ventured out, saw the light, and God put his hand on my head. I felt light swallow me whole and I felt like I was floating. This was it. Bye everyone. I felt so free as my body lifted, and I knew I didnt have to be apart of this world anymore.

But then God whispered, "Its not your time yet."

Hi, Im Kimberly. This is my story.

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