Tears filled Katy's eyes, threatening to start to spill over again. How could somebody so beautiful, hate themselves so much?

"I could never do that," she whispered into Destiny's hair. "No matter happens, I will never hurt you. I promise." But Destiny only voiced the thoughts that her been haunting Katy's own thoughts.

"You already did..." She mumbled miserably. "So, so many times. Most of the time you just didn't know it, but that doesn't change anything." Katy let herself cry freely at this. "Don't worry, Katy. It wasn't just you. You're just one in a very long line of people..."

"Sweetie, I am going to hunt down anybody who's ever done anything to you ever. I am going to make them feel all the pain you're feeling right now," Katy said aggressively.

"No, no you're not. Nobody deserves that, not ever. I would never wish this on anybody," Destiny said. Katy chuckled softly and let herself smile.

"When did you get to be so smart?" She teased, playing with Destiny's hair.

"I guess I get it from my-" Destiny began, but cut herself off. "From a very smart lady, who is nearly always right." She reaches up and poked Katy lightly. "Guess who that person is." Destiny said, looking up at Katy now.

"Let me think," Katy said slowly. "David Beckham?" She asked, naming the first British celebrity that came to mind. Destiny shook her head, grinning. "Taylor Swift? Little Mix?" Again, Destiny shook her head. "Justin Bieber?"

"I thought I said a smart person!" Destiny cried, acting shocked. Katy chuckled again and began tickling Destiny.

"Well was it possibly the wonderful person that called you smart in the first place?" She said, trying to avoid Destiny flailing arms and legs.

"Yes!" Destiny spluttered out through her giggles.

"And who was that wonderful person?" Katy asked, still not relenting.

"Demi," Destiny joked. This just earned her more tickling.

"Are you sure?" Katy asked, drawing out the word 'sure'.

"You! It was you!" Destiny cried, almost rolling off the bed. "Now please, stop!" Katy stopped tickling Destiny and quickly swang her into a sitting position on her lap.

"I thought so," she said triumphly.

"You're a bully," Destiny said and put on a pouting face. Katy just chuckled and stood her up. "What are you doing?"

"Well I may have possibly got the dates for my tour wrong," Katy mumbled guiltily. "In my defense, dates are hard!" She pointed out, quick to defend herself.

"I don't get it," Destiny said in confusion.

"Our plane leaves early tomorrow morning," Katy said hurriedly. "You have got to go and pack!" Destiny frowned at Katy.

"I'm already packed," she pointed out.

"You are?" Katy asked, now it was her turn to be the confused one. Destiny pointed to the dirt-covered backpack that was sitting in the corner of the room.

"All my other stuff is still in England," she said with a shrug.

"Right, of course!" Katy cried, realization jumping onto her face. Suddenly she bolted for the door. "I've still got to though," she cried as she left.

Destiny grinned and quickly followed Katy to her room, quickly stopping when she reached the room. She watched Katy nervously, not knowing what to do. Katy looked up at her as she rushed around, throwing things into suitcases.

"You can come in," she reassured her.

"Really?" Destiny asked, surprised.

"Of course," Katy chuckled. "Didn't you ever go into your parents bedroom?" She forced herself to use the word 'parents', even though it felt like she was ripping her own heart out.

"Hardly ever," Destiny said softly. She slowly walked in and glanced around the room. It was huge! There was was much to see. "Your room's beautiful," she whispered quietly. Katy merely mumbled a 'thanks', as she was too busy packing. Destiny sat silently on the bed, too afraid to touch anything. She only sat on the bed because exhaustion was kicking in.

"Sleep," Katy instructed her. "I'll wake you up when we have to leave." Destiny started to get up, but Katy stopped her. "You can sleep there she said gently.

Once Katy was finished packing, it was only a few hours until they needed to arrive at the airport. Katy let herself lay next to Destiny, waiting for sleep to take over.

Katy was rudely awaken by someone hitting her in the face continuously with a pillow. With every word the person spoke, she let the pillow land with a thump on Katy's face.

"Get. Up. Katy," said the voice. Pausing to let the pillow hit her. "You're. Running. Late!" Katy groaned loudly and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

"Shannon?" She mumbled sleepily. "Go away!"

"You're so late, Perry! Your meant to be in the car right now!" Shannon cried, clearly exasperated.

"What are you talking about?" Katy mumbled, laying back down. "The car to where?"

"The airport!" Shannon cried in horror. "Wake up, Woman!" Suddenly reality kicked in and Katy bolted out of bed, cursing as she did so. Angela blocked the way out of her bedroom, standing in the doorway.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Kate?" She said smartly. Katy looked wildly around in confusion.

"No, my luggage isn't in here anymore." She said slowly.

"That's because I took it downstairs to the car," Shannon piped up. "She meant your child, Katy!" Katy gasped and sprinted back towards the bed. In one quick movement, she scooped Destiny up into her arms and began to race to the car.

"Come on!" She yelled behind her. "We are going to be so late!" Shannon and Angela hurried along behind her. Destiny however, stayed asleep. Blissfully unaware.

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