"I think it's a book about magical creatures..." Erin was still looking through the pages even though she had no clue what was written on the pages, she was fascinated by the illustrations. Every scale, tooth, and claw was drawn in magnificent detail, they almost looked real...

            "Why would that tell us anything about being chosen ones?" Justin asked,

            "I don't know... maybe we'll come across some of these things on our adventure." Erin put the book down next to her and Justin rolled his eyes.

            "Of course we will... I see goblins like that running around the woods all the time!" Oh look, his sarcasm is back... Erin folded her arms over her chest and stared at him for a moment before moving on to the next neatly wrapped package. Justin couldn't stop staring at one of the packages, it was thinner than the others, but it was heavy. He grabbed the scissors after Erin was finished with them and cut the ropes off the package, he hastily unfolded and cloth and pulled out a long box. He undid the flip locks and lifted the lid. Another thing wrapped in cloth...

            "This better not be one of those joke packages where it's just a bunch of boxes wrapped within each other..." He grumbled as he untied the small string that held the top closed. He reached in and his hand contacted the cool metal. He gripped it and when he pulled off the small sack he found himself holding a sheathed sword. He pulled the sword out of the sheath and examined the engravings on the blade, a sequence of symbols danced across the silver, and dark gems were encrusted in the hilt.

            "Was that in one of the packages?" Erin asked, finally looking up front another book she had unwrapped.

            "Yeah..." He put it back in the sheath and then returned it to the box. Erin grabbed another package but before she could cut the rope her phone rang. She picked up.


            "Jess, what do you want?"

            "What do you mean you're here?"

            "Ugh fine I'll come down in a second..." She hung up and shoved her phone back in the pocket of her sweatshirt.

            "What was that about?" Justin asked.

            "Jess and AJ somehow found out I was here and just parked outside. They want to come in..." She said it like they were a burden to be around. "How are we going to hide all this!?" She gestured towards the otherworldly books and objects they had unwrapped.

            "I think we should just tell them..." Justin said. "If anything weird happens they're going to want answers... so it's best to get it out of the way now..."


            "Wait, wait, wait... so you're saying you're some sort of chosen one... and you need all this stuff to defeat whatever it is you have to defeat... what is it that you have to defeat again?" AJ was pacing back and forth while Jess sat in the spinning desk chair twirling around in it and shoving sour patch kids into her mouth without a single care in the world.

            "Can I help!!? I want to kill evil thingys!!!" Jess piped up. "I know how to use a bow and arrow!!!"

            "There's a difference between knowing how to use one, and being a danger to yourself and others in the presence of pointy objects..." AJ growled in annoyance. Jess flinched when she raised her hand to smack her arm, but AJ dropped her arm back down to her side when Justin started talking again.

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