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Staring at the lap top screen that illuminated the slightly darkened office, Isaac slipped his glasses on to the top of his head and rubbed his eyes vigorously. He had been in the room for the last several hours scouring the internet trying to find the exact people he was looking for. Starting out, Isaac assumed this would be a lot easier than it was proving to be. Now he was beginning to wonder how a few people, who had known many of the same people Isaac had, became almost ghosts.

Blankly gazing at the screen in despair, Isaac exhaled heavily, blowing out a harsh breath of air. How could an entire family disappear? The Marshall family had moved shortly after Amy had told Isaac she was pregnant, surely they hadn't all changed their names or joined witness protection. Somebody, somewhere had to know how to track them down. Mrs. Lancer had informed Isaac that they'd only had a birth certificate for Perrie, it stated her birth date and parent's names; seeing a copy of the certificate Isaac was slightly impressed that Amy had used his actual name stating that Clarke Hanson was the father. Amy only had one first name, although possible that after all these years she was no longer Amy Marshall.

Marriages happened, last names changed, and people moved around. If Amy Marshall couldn't be found, it was reasonable, but it didn't explain why Percy and Helen Marshall couldn't be found. Isaac had checked records of deaths, announcements, almost everything he could think of and continuously coming up empty handed was frustrating him. His searching was interrupted by a gentle knock on the door, turning around his chair to see Nikki standing there Isaac sagged his shoulders.

"Honey, Jessica and Joe just got here." Nikki announced, walking across the room and pulling at the blinds to let some of the evening sun into the room. "Why don't you come out now." she suggested patting her husband's shoulder on the way back to the door.

"I'll be out in a bit." Isaac answered with a faint smile.

After a lot of debate, Isaac had managed to convince his family, and his wife, having dinner at his and Nikki's home was a better option than the usual family dinner at his parent's home. To say Isaac was nervous to tell his siblings and their significant others, as well as their children about his long-lost daughter was a tad bit of an understatement. Some how he felt more comfortable giving such news in his own home, in some way it brought him a security. His family wouldn't judge him and his biggest critics - his parents and Nikki - already knew, but he liked the idea of being in his own surroundings.

By the time Isaac emerged from his office, with the idea to ask his mother about Percy and Helen Marshall, Zac and his wife Kate along with their three children had arrived as well. Greeting his younger sister and her husband, along with Zac and Kate, Isaac offered to set the up with drinks of their choice while Nikki put the finishing touches on dinner for when the others arrived.

"Are you okay, man?" Zac asked in a low voice, standing close to his oldest brother while Isaac grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge. "You don't have to do this today, you know that right? Mom and dad can do it for you."

Isaac gave a quick nod. "I know, but I think it's best if they hear it from me."

Taking a step back from where Isaac was standing, Zac offered his brother a ghost of a smile turning his attention back to his wife. As the minutes passed and the rest of the family begun to arrive, Isaac could feel his stomach in his chest and his heart in his mouth, his hands were clammy and mentally he was miles away. Around him the others chatted, getting caught up on each others lives, the children ran about yelling and laughing, and yet Isaac sat lost in his own mind.

How was he going to deliver the news? When he had told his parents, he had slowly worked up to it, but not dragging it on too long. Would his mother cry again? Would one of his sisters or sister-in-laws cry? Had Taylor or Zac told Natalie or Kate? Were the others members of his family suspecting that something was even going on?

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