Chapter 6

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I walked downstairs and saw Austin standing by the kitchen counter and he looked at me shocked

"Wow u look hot with ur hair in a bun and ur glasses" he said as he smirked

"Haha thank u"

"Well u can take a shower and I'll put ur clothes to u want some clothes?"

"No I got extra clothes into car I'll go get them" he said as he walked out the door and came back in with clothes in his hands

"The shower is to the right when u get up to the stairs"

"Thanks" he said with a smile and walked up the stairs

*5 mins passed*

Austin looked hot in his red shirt, his bulls hat, black skinny jeans, and red Jordan's

"Hey" he said

"Hey" I said back

"Soo wanna watch a movie?" He said

"Sure what movie?"


"Sure I'll get it"

I put in the movie and grabbed my blue cozy cover and sat on the couch Austin laughed and sat next to me

"Hey I want some cover" Austin whined

"Haha here" I said as I put it over us and laid on his shoulder

I felt sleepy like half way through the movie so I just slept on his shoulder for the rest of the movie

*1 hour later*

I woke up to someone kissing my cheek once I opened my eyes it was Austin

"Ur awake" he said smiling at me

"Yes I am" I said smiling back

"Well I gotta go my mom wants me home"

"Oh okay well I'll see u at school"

"Wait can I get ur number?" he said

"Sure" I said

I have him my number and he have me his after that he kissed my on my lips at first I didn't kiss back but then I did the kiss felt so passionate and I felt fireworks it was long and such a deep kiss after he pulled back he winked at me and left my house as I was speechless


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