The Fight and Rescue Scene from Love With My Enemy

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Author's note:

Please tell me what you think. This isn't the entire book or the intro. This is a middle scene. Two spies, Kate and Luke have been in combat trying to take the other down for a while. Luke is unknown on the US's suspect list. This group has been hacking into our info and gathering it from Embassys, and places like the pentagon and CIA. The enemies wear ninja like costumes. But something sticks out about Luke. His amazingly awesome blue eyes are the only recognition point and he practically targets Kate. This is a mission in South Africa.

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I’ve already taken down 10 enemies. One more for me. more.

Everything stops. We stare straight at each other with our spy shields on. I stare into his lake-blue eyes. I drown in them. But I know those eyes. Those lake blue eyes keep pulling me towards him. I know him. This only unknown suspect. As I drown into him, my muscles loosen.

What? Don't let him do this. Keep. Your. Guard. Up. I think to myself

I don’t want to hurt him. My body feels warm and tingly. And he strikes me in a nano second and I collapse.

As I’m semi-conscious, this boy struck me enough to leave me alive but enough to make me unconscious, but I’m too strong for that. As I slow my pulse, he thinks I’m dead and is surprised, but he leaves his fingers long enough to feel a beat. He knows my game.

Less grunts are heard and people are being dragged. I know my team is gone, but I don’t feel anything. But this boy, some sneaky aura is about him. All footsteps leave the room. 10 minutes and 47 seconds later, I heard more footsteps towards my “dead” body. Then my brain stops.


My eyes flutter open to another room. Warm, concrete, small, one-person. A home bunker. And I bet, its that boy’s bunker. I check myself. Under a blanket on a cot with new clothes. A crop top and booty shorts. And improvement to my last, tight, wedgie-giving body suit. I sit up and give him the stare. The give-me-your-attention-and-really-this-outfit stare.


“Nooo.” I say sarcastically. A breathe and, “You kept me alive. Why?”

“You are alive and you’re questioning it? I can kill you now if you’d like.” and a knife is at my neck.

“I don’t care. I’d die for my country bravely, but only if...” I intensify the moment. Sliding my finger along the sharp edge of the blade. He put that end away from my neck.

“If, what?”

And I kick around, swipe the knife and have his knife arm pinned to his back in a blink of an eye. I slide the knife out of his hands and put it to his neck. Warm breathes go down his neck and I feel a few goose-bumbs on both of us, but his emotions are hidden enough. “If you die first.”

“That’s not happening cupcake.” He breaks the knife and next thing you know, we are both standing up in a death ring with knives at each other throats. Wonderful.

As we prance around our little death ring, counting down the breaths till we die, an intense, unknown heat fills my body up. Two metal clanking noises are next. And my lips are locked with the enemy. And I didn’t care. No. I kissed him back twice as hard as he was kissing me. The tingle was striking every nerve and making sure I knew it was there. The skin-to-skin contact was enough to make feel like a bomb went off. The fire, the intensity, the wanting. The impossible. He had his hands on my bare hips and my hands on his chest. He has me locked there. He’s stronger, more powerful, and most importantly mine. We take a breath of air and both of us pull of apart to look at each other.

“This isn’t right.” I state.

“I know. But that’s why I’m doing it.”

And he pulls me very close to him. Not even air between us. Every square millimeter of my skin he touches, my body does a nice warm tingly feeling. The adrenaline rushing through my stomach, my head getting drunk on this, this, whatever. My mystery feeling is making my bones melt and my balance, and my spy senses, my pulse is rushing, I can’t do it. I break. I collapse into his arms with a feeling I’ve don’t know. He felt my breaking a-coming and caught me and help me stay upright.He knew I broke. Succumbing to him is impossible. My enemy made me break and he is my spine, my support, I need him now. This unknown feeling broke my outer shell and replaced it. It made the warm feeling a fire. It made that tingle a gunshot everywhere. My enemy, whose name I don't even know, broke me. Two things that activate the shield, just broke it into an unfixable mess, which will never fully be restored.

“Just wondering.” I whisper on his lips. Not moving too far, still touching his lips, “what your name is.”

“Luke.” He breathes back. “My name is luke.”

“Luke.” I stare into the richest blue eyes there are. The eyes that drowned me.

“Are you going to tell me yours?”

“When the time comes.” I reply.

Instead of kissing me, he pushes me away and onto the cot. He starts to pace. I have no idea what's going on. He looks.... split. He doesn't know how much trouble he's gotten himself into, yet, he does not care. 

"Luke...." I start.

“Kate. Your name is Kate. I know you backwards and forwards. I know you like to know your enemies, but you don’t like your enemies to know you. That information we got, your name was the first on the spy list and I recognized you immediately. And I knew, I had to make you mine.”

I stand up and drag him up with me. “Kate, I’m sorry about your team. I could only save you and with your dead pulse trick, that’s the only reason you got past.”

“That’s ok, Luke. I haven’t thought about my team at all. I’ve learned not to get attached. You’ve clouded everything. And all I can see, is whatever is near me.”

“Are you... attached to some things?”

“Much more than I should be and its dangerous. But I live for dangerous.”

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