Chapter 5

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"Hahaha!" Emi laughed, plunging into my bed. "Today was so fun!"

"Because you were with Yuko?" I asked smugly.

Emi blushed. "O-of course not! Today I was finally born, and I made three new friends."

I narrowed my eyes. "So it's still about Yuko."

"N-no! That's not what I meant!" Emi stammered, defending herself.

I laughed. "Whatever you say."

"By the way, who are they?" Emi asked, pointing at the huge poster that was plastered on my wall.

I smiled. "They're a famous group," I explained. "The girl with the pink hair tied into a high side ponytail with a red cross is the leader of the group. She's Hinamori Amu, and she's-" I flashed a pose, with me winking and holding up a hand, which was forming the peace sign. "~Cool and Spicy!~"

"Wow... she looks so cool. I wanna meet her someday," Emi commented.

"Next to her is her boyfriend, Tsukiyomi Ikuto. He's the blue-haired one, holding a violin. His violin skills are really good. Then there's Hoshina Utau, or Tsukiyomi Utau. She's the girl with blonde pigtails.. and also Ikuto's younger sister. She has a beautiful and lovely voice. The princely blonde-haired guy on the right of Utau is Tadase Hotori. He makes everyone laugh by saying how he's the prince and laughing maliciously. Hugging him like crazy is Lulu de Morcerf, the blonde-haired popular-looking girl with the purple flower pin. She's his girlfriend, you see. Very obsessive about him."

"Poor Tadase..." Emi muttered.

"You see the two girls? You know, the ones where they're backs are arched fourty degrees to the side, and one leg is on their knee, so that they're balancing. Both are leaning the same direction and pointing their fingers towards each other, sorta forming a semicircle. The one to the left is Yuiki Yaya, which would be the girl with orange hair that's tied into two small pigtails with red bows. She sorta has a.. childish characteristic, even though she's already in her twenties. The one to the right is Mashiro Rima, the girl with the wavy, long, blonde hair. She's hilarious, like a clown. The perfect comedian."

"They look like good friends."

I nodded. "Yep. They're besties. On the opposite side of them, where there are those two guys hanging their arms around each other, are also besties. The one older one, who is to the left, is Souma Kukai. He's the one with the chocolate brown hair and he was holding a soccerball with his left arm. To the right is Fujisaki Nagihiko, the long purple-haired one. He sorta looks like a girl because of his long hair, and can actually successfully trick people into thinking that he is one.. He has split-personalities. One side is girly, and the other is manly. He loves the Japanese dance, yet he also loves sports."

"Who are the people over there?" Emi asked, pointing at a group of satisfied-looking people.

"The deep green-haired guy with the glasses is Sanjou Kairi, the secretary. He plans everything out very sufficiently, even though he's so young. Next to him are his assistants. To his left is his older sister, Sanjou Yukari, the organized-looking reddish brown-haired lady with glasses. In the inside, however, she's really lazy, and sorta irresponsible compared to her younger brother. To his right is Yukari's husband, Nikaidou Yuu, the guy with incredebly messy orange hair with glasses. He's extrememely clumsy, which is quite amusing at times."

"But... why are they famous? I know they look cool, but that won't get them to get them famous... What do they do? How did they even get to the top? 'Cause, you know, people with talents might not be able to show the world... What is their group called?"

I held my hands in the air. "Woah, woah, woah. Waaaaay too many questions. One at a time. Ok, first: they work together to form a popular TV show, called "A Crazy Yet Fun Life!" Its setting is college, with a normal college day. It's really popular because of the 'cool and spicy'-ness: thanks to Amu, the music: thanks to the Tsukiymi siblings, the hilariousness: thanks to Rima, the organization: thanks to Kairi, and all the fun, thanks to everyone. They gained their popularity when Utau joined... because at that time Utau was a very popular singer, since she used to work for Easter, which was a very successful company at that time. Now it's just... horrible. It shut down a loooooong time ago. They call themselves the Embryo Hunters."

Emi cocked her head. "Embryo?"

"I don't know why Embryo Hunters... If you want you could ask them."

She shook her head. "No.. the Embryo is a legend passed down to shugo charas every generation. The Embryo is a sparkly white egg that shines and emits a type of pureness in it... It is said that it can grant any wish," Emi explained. "That only means one thing," she declared. "THOSE PEOPLE ARE CHARA BEARERS!"

"Chara bearers?"

"Basically a person who has given birth to his or her shugo chara," she said. "Shizuko, we have to meet them one day! We MUST! I must meet these chara bearers, and meet their shugo charas! I wanna see if they're cool like their owners!"

"Hahaha.." I laughed. Reaching into my drawer, I pulled out a magazine. "This is the latest monthly 'Embryo Hunters' magazine that came out. It says over here-" I flipped to page twelve. "-that there's a contest to show off your talent, and whoever wins, gets to meet, talk to, and get an autograph from each and every one of them!"

"Then let's do it!"

"But... the problem is that they're really popular, and it's gonna be really competitive. Only a selected few-and lucky too- will be able to meet them."

"Hey, if we don't try, how the heck are we gonna know more about shugo charas?" Emi asked. "Most people lose their dreams when they get as old as they are right now. People their age won't be able to make new dreams. They must be really experienced, having shugo charas for this long."

I sighed. "Fine, whatever you say. But it says that we need to be in a group of two or more people..."

"Easy. You have me, right?"

"You?! People will FREAK if they saw you! They don't know what a shugo chara is, and they'll think that you're a flying little girl... Which is beyond belief for any adult. This will make them think that they're hallucinating. That'll make them go crazy. The whole place is already gonna be crowded, and with all the chaos, a stampede will smart, no matter how cute you look," I said, narrowing my eyes at Emi, whose eyes were forming cute puppy-eyes.

"Aww man..." Emi groaned. "WAIT!" Emi shouted, a huge smile plastered on her face. "YOU AND RYUU CAN BE TOGETHER AND ENTER THE CONTEST!"

"Ryuu? But how can we even get him to say yes?"

"We'll somehow find a way. Come on, just agree to the idea, at least?"

I sighed. "Well, with you nagging me like this, I will eventually have to give up..." I muttered. "FINE," I humphed.


"SHHHH! Not so loud," I whispered urgently. "You'll wake up the neighbors!"

"~Lalala, Shizuko is the best! Lalala!~" Emi whispered happily.


Well, that's the end. Again, sorry for not updating for a long time and not going to be able to update for an even longer time...

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