Soon Katy's house was full of people. Angela, Shannon, Demi, Demi's friend Marissa, Selena, Miley, Taylor, Little Mix and Cher were all there. Will.I.Am and One Direction were not there since Will was on a plane and One Direction were doing a concert somewhere. Destiny was unaware of all the people downstairs and was still sleeping. It was noisy with all the people, no matter how hard Katy tried to keep the volume down. Perrie thought it was too loud and decided to go somewhere quieter instead.

"Katy, where's the bathroom?" She asked.

"Cher just went in the one down here," Katy informed her. "If you're quiet you can use the one upstairs, just don't wake Destiny up."

"Okay, thanks Katy!" Perrie said and went upstairs. It was much quieter there and she breathed a sigh of relief.

After using the bathroom she began to walk back downstairs. She was soon distracted by the sound of crying from one of the rooms. She gently opened the door where the sound was coming from. Destiny was laying in a bed, at the other end of the room, crying in her sleep. Worriedly, Perrie went over to her and shook her awake. Destiny sat bolt upright and was soon backing away.

"What are you doing here?" She asked fearfully. "I don't even know you!"

"Yes you do, we met at the hospital." Perrie explained. "I was there went Katy found you. Don't you remember?"

"No, I don't remember being in a hospital at all!" Destiny cried, horrified.

"I thought your memory was back," Perrie said in confusion.

"I remember getting off the plane and calling Katy, then deciding to look for her. That's it," Destiny explained. Perrie nodded, understanding much better now.

"I'll go and get Katy for you," she said and started to stand up. Destiny quickly grabbed her wrist, pulling her back down.

"To do what?" She asked sternly, a worried look on her face.

"To tell her that you were crying," Perrie answered like it was obvious.

"You can't tell Katy, or Demi! Actually, don't tell anyone!" Destiny begged desperately. "They're already worried enough..."

"Well..." Perrie said slowly, not really knowing what to do. "Only if you tell me what was wrong."

"I can't," Destiny whispered. "I'm not really sure myself yet... I had a nightmare,  but it's all hazy."

"Tell me when you work it out, okay?" Perrie asked determinedly. Destiny nodded in agreement. "Where's your phone? I'll give you my number." They quickly exchanged numbers before Perrie helped Destiny cover up her tear stains and led her downstairs.

Katy was belting out Walking On Air for everyone, dancing sexily along to it. When she spotted Destiny she beckoned her over.

"Hey Baby, come dance with me!" She called out. Destiny shook her head, backing up into Perrie. She didn't even know most of these people! There was no way she was dancing for them yet! "Please, Sweetie!" Katy moaned desperately. Suddenly the song changed to This Is How We Do. "Come on," Katy pleaded. Destiny sighed and jumped to Katys side. She danced easily along to Katy speaking along with herself. Her dancing changed to sexy as the singing part came on again. As the beat slowly faded away, Destiny came back to her senses. Every single person in the room was watching her. Destiny blushed bright red and began to edge out of the room.

"Hey, where are you going?" Katy asked in surprise.

"Back to my room," Destiny whispered.

"Why? You're dancing was amazing, I want to see more!" Katy whined, her voice becoming childlike.

"But it was terrible," Destiny said in confusion. "Everyone's staring at me!"

"Because you're good, Baby Girl!" Demi chuckled, forcing her way out between the crown of people. "I mean seriously good! Teach me!"

"Teach you?" Destiny cried. "But you're already amazing!"

"Well so are you," Demi shot back.

"That's my girl," Katy laughed. "My girl of many talents!" She winked over at Destiny. However, she was greeted with a rather sour look.

"I'm still my Mummy's girl," she whispered. She only spoke loud enough for Katy to hear. "Nothing's changed, Katy..." With that she stalked off towards the stairs.

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