Chapter 44

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(A/N: I have decided that I would make a rated R chapter for this book. But, it will NOT be posted in my book. Because I don't want people have to follow me to read my story. You understand what I mean right? Anyways, thank you all for reading my story so far!!


Chapter 44

I wake up, naked in Derek's arms. I smile as I cuddle into his warm bare chest. I feel my eyes start to droop, and I fall back asleep.

Derek's POV

I wake up to the sound of water crashing, remembering last night. I smile as I look down at Scarlet, observing her beauty.

How am I such a lucky guy to get her as my mate? My mind boggles with questions. I push back a lock of hair out her face and behind her ear. She gives a small smile, cuddling her face into my hand.

I draw designs along her side. Her soft and semi tanned skin was all but beautiful. I hear a cute little yawn.

"Goodmorning." she grins. "Goodmorning beautiful." I kiss her forehead. She stretches slightly, looking around.

"We should get back." I nod. I get up, peeling my naked body from hers. I grab my boxers slipping them on. I turn around see Scarlet's naked body. I bite my lip slightly. That's a sight I would never get tired of seeing.

I see her get dressed. We then swim out from under the waterfall. She then strips down once again. What is she doing?

I see her bones crack in a unnatural way, knowing she's shifting. In a blink of a eye, a tall beautiful silver wolf with golden eyes stands in front of me.

I smile as I scratch her behind her ear. Her wolf beings to purr. 'Let me out!' I hear my wolf shout in anticipation. I laugh as I pull my boxers off.

In a second I am my wolf. My midnight black hair swaying from the breeze. I stand taller than Scarlet. Looking down at her, I notice her wolfish grin. I lean down, nuzzling my muzzle into her neck.

She licks my nose, doing the same. We then stop, picking up our clothes in our mouths. We trot back to the house.

I shift back, opening the door. Scarlet shifts back, walking to our bedroom. I follow her. She throws her clothes in the dirty hamper.

She turns to me, smirking. I raise a eyebrow. What does this girl have planned? She walks into the bathroom, turning the shower on.

I smirk, walking into the bathroom. We both get in the shower. I watch as the warm water cascades down her naked body. She looks up at me with a smirk plastered on her beautiful face.

"Round two?" her heavenly voice asks. "Round two." I say as I grab her hips pulling her to me.

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