Beep Beep Beep.

Ugh ignore it Ana just ignore it.

Beep Beep Beep

I groan as I give up the fight for sleep and get out of my bed. I look at the time and see that it's 8:46.

"Crap" I say to myself. School started over an hour ago. I go over to my closet and start rummaging through it for clean clothes. I find my ripped gray skinny jeans and a lion king muscle tee that seem clean enough.

I put them on then I get a pair of vans to go with. I run over to my bathroom and put my hair In a messy bun, then I quickly brush my teeth and throw some water on my face, sidenote when splashing water on your face don't copy how the pretty actors do in the skin commercials because all you end uo with is a floor with water everywhere and the cream still on your face. I learned that fun fact the hard way.

After finishing that I get my keys, run out the house after being yelled at for five minutes about being punctual by Leona, my foster mom, run outside and hop onto my motorcycle and speed off to school.

The good part is school is only 10 minutes away so I get there soon enough and run into the building.

"You'd be better off waiting till class ends and going to the next one rather than interrupting Mrs. Randolph's class." Tom advises me as he sweeps the floor.

Tom is one of my closest friends, ignore the fact that there are only 8 including him. He also happens to be the school janitor and 56 years old.

"Well since I'm free for," I pause to check my phone " For the next 15 minutes could I help you with anything?" I ask him. You may be wondering why I'm offering to help clean after a bunch of disgusting teenagers, I don't even know why but it seems right.

"Sure take that bucket over there and wipe down the windows for me." he points to a bucket sitting by a rag and some Windex. I pick it up and start on my job.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence I grow bored and decide to start talking.

" I texted you yesterday and you never answered back." I inform him.

" Oh yes I'm sorry I was with jenny at the vet." he tells me. Jenny is his pet ferret who is a boy but that's a minor detail.

After talking about Jenny and why I'm late again the bell rings and it's time for me to go to my third period class which is study hall with no adult supervision. I walk in and pull out a hammock that I hid in the classroom cabinet. I jump onto it and close my eyes ready for more sleep.

" Would you look at that the psychopath was skipping earlier."

I open my eyes and see an annoying blonde haired, blue eyed evil queen.

" Yeah I decided to come and get my daily dose of maple syrup."

May's jaw drops and looks at me in shock. This weekend at our school party I found out her name was actually Maple not May and she hates it I honestly have no idea why but she does so whatever.

Just as I'm about to tell her army of bimbos her secret the intercom comes on and I hear a noticeable hint of anger in the voice that says

"Nirvana Lodell to the principles office now." I smirk at how they tried to scare me by using force in the last word I wonder what I got caught for this time.

"Gotta go bimbos talk to you later. " I stand up and leave the class and start to walk to the principal's office. I pause a few times to have random dance parties with students and it takes me a total of 15 minutes to get there.

"Wassup Daniel? How you been feels like we havent talked in ages." I greet the principal I come here so much were on first name bases. He smiles and snaps his fingers. A group of the best chorus students walk in and start singing to some upbeat music.

"Nirvana we don't have to take your nonsense anymore, no we don't have to take your nonsense no more cause you've been expelled. Oh no we don't have to cause you're expelled. Get your stuff and get out cause you're expelled. Nirvanaaaaaaaa... you're expelled. " They finish and Daniel claps so loud his hands are red. I roll my eyes, give him the finger, and exit the room. I know that there'll be a meeting later explaining why so I don't care all I want to do is go home and sleep.

I get outside and I'm about to leave when I see something that I know the angels put there for me.

The principals new car.

I smile as a plan begins to quickly form in my imaginatively devious brain.

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